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How to install WhatsApp on Linux?

Hello, friends. Although many of us like Telegram much more than WhatsApp, we have to admit that WhatsApp is better known and more popular. That’s why, in this post, we will help you to install Whatsdesk on Ubuntu so you can enjoy WhatsApp on Linux.

One of the things I like most about Telegram is the extraordinary support it provides for Linux. However, it is not as well known as I would like it to be. WhatsApp being more popular doesn’t offer a desktop client for Linux and that’s a bit of a nuisance.

Fortunately, we have an application called Whatsdesk that allows you to have WhatsApp on the Ubuntu desktop, mainly.

So, WhatsDesk is an unofficial client of WhatsApp that allows us via WhatsApp web to have desktop notifications improving the integration with the desktop.

Install WhatsDesk on Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Elementary OS

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The application can be installed on any Debian-based distribution without any problems.

To do this, we have two ways: either use the DEB package provided by the developer; or use Snap.

In case you are using Ubuntu then Snap is already installed and configured on the system, so all you have to do is run the following command:

sudo snap install whatsdesk

And then just run it from the main menu.

If you are using Ubuntu and you don’t want to use Snap, or you are using another Debian-based distribution, you can also install the application using the DEB package.

To do so, you can download it, by accessing THIS link or if you prefer to use the terminal, you can use the wget command.

wget https://zerkc.gitlab.io/whatsdesk/whatsdesk_0.3.5_amd64.deb

And then you can install it by double-clicking on the file or by executing

sudo apt install ./whatsdesk_0.3.5_amd64.deb

Note: The development of this application is quite active so by the time you read this post, the version and therefore the commands will probably have changed. Change them to the current, updated version .

Now, open it from the main menu and start enjoying WhatsApp on the Linux desktop.

WhatsApp on Linux thanks to WhatsDesk
WhatsApp on Linux thanks to WhatsDesk

Uninstall the App

To uninstall this application depends on the chosen method. In the case of Snap, just run the following command:

sudo snap remove whatsdesk

Or if you used the DEB package

sudo apt remove whatsdesk

With this, it will be completely uninstalled.

So, enjoy it!

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