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How to install Ruby on Rails on CentOS 8?

In this post, I’ll show you how to install Ruby on Rails on CentOS 8.

Ruby on Rails makes Ruby more popular

The truth is that Ruby is still widely used today, but when compared to Python, PHP or Java is far behind. So it is no wonder it is not so easy to learn.

However, thanks to the efficiency of Ruby on Rails, many people have turned their eyes back to this language. Ruby on Rails is a fairly robust framework for creating web applications.

Some of the highlights of Ruby on Rails are as follows:

  • It uses many configuration conventions. This makes the framework, once installed, ready to work.
  • In Rails, there are several ways to do a certain thing. That is, it makes collaboration easier and the code easier to understand.
  • With Ruby on Rails, you’ll have a framework that uses the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. With this, duplicity is eliminated and it makes it very agile.
  • Open Source, so licensing should not be a problem for you.
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If we add a robust and stable operating system like CentOS to Ruby on Rails, then we have a great combination. So, let us start.

Install Ruby on CentOS 8

Obviously the first step is to install Ruby. We recently made a post explaining the process in detail:

How to install Ruby on CentOS 8?

We’ll be able to continue later.

Install Ruby on Rails on CentOS 8

Installing Ruby on Rails on CentOS 8 is made easy by RVM. To install the latest stable version of Ruby on Rails, simply use the following command:

:~# gem install rails
1.- Install Ruby on Rails on CentOS 8
1.- Install Ruby on Rails on CentOS 8

However, we can also specify a specific version:

~# gem install rails -v [version]

When the installation is finished, we will be able to consult the installed version.

:~# rails -v 

And that’s it. As you can see it’s quite easy to follow the guide. Now you can start making applications with Rails.


Ruby on Rails is a framework for creating web applications in a fairly reasonable amount of time. It also has security and robustness as its strong points.

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