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How to install Printers on Windows 10 -step by step guide

Printers are the most significant output devices and whether you are trying to print something or want to share your printer with other users, you need it set up ready as plug and play. The process to install Printers on Windows 10 is easy which may take less than 10 minutes. There are numerous types of printers available, some of them are connected with USB cable, and others are wireless. Which process you should follow, depends on the printer you owned. Here is the quick step by step guide to install both wired and wireless printer on your Windows 10 computer:

Important step:

Most of the printer comes with a CD packed with compatible drivers. If your printer also has one, the first thing to do is: insert the disk and install it on your computer. If you don’t have the disk or lost it, don’t panic and follow the process below.

Install printer which comes with USB cable:

To install a printer on Windows 10 VIA the USB cable, follow the steps below:

  • Step1: Log in to your computer, connect your printer using the USB cable and click “Settings” from the start menu.

  • Step 2: A new “SETTINGS” window will appear. Click the “Devices” option.
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  • Step 3: When you click the “Devices” option, you will see the “Printers and scanners” located at the bottom of the Find box.

  • Step 4: Now click “Printers and scanners” and then you will see the expanded Printers and scanner option. Your next move is to click the “Add a printer or scanner.” Make sure you have the internet connection which will make this process faster. Windows will now find the driver of your printer and install automatically to the Computer.
  • Step 5: If the searching finishes without installing the printer, then you will see a text below the searching option as “The printer I want isn’t listed.” Click that option and Windows troubleshoot automatically search and open a new tab.

  • Step 6: Now the look at the “Find a printer by other option” window and check the box “My printer is a little older, Help me find it” and click “Next”.

Wait a moment and let the troubleshooting feature assist you to find the appropriate printer. It will search for the driver and automatically install on your computer.


Install a wireless printer:

Important step: As we are talking about wireless, it means connecting two devices without any cables. If you are using a laptop, then no worries. But if it’s a desktop, make sure it has the wireless device connected. And keep it turn “ON” to install printers on Windows 10.

  • Step 1: Use the printers LCD panel and go to Setup, and turn on wireless visibility from the Wireless LAN Settings.
  • Step 2: Click the WIFI icon from your computer’s “Notification” area.

  • Step 3: You will see the printer’s network name. Click on it and ender the credential. Once it’s connected, Windows will automatically install the printer on your computer.
Final TIP:

Above steps are the easiest and effective methods to install printers on Windows 10 computer. If your printer has been facing any problems during installation, visit the manufacturer’s official website to download the latest driver for Windows 10. Don’t use any external link to download drivers as risk your computer.

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