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How to install Docker on CentOS 8?

Docker is a brilliant technology that is becoming more and more common among developers and sysadmins. With it, you can deploy applications in the form of containers without dependency problems. Something like the nemesis of a virtual machine but technically share many things. So it does this in a fairly common technology today. That’s why in this post I will show you how to install Docker CE on CentOS 8. With some observations, but you will see that it works.

What is the Docker situation on CentOS 8?

CentOS 8 just went on the air. In fact, that’s what we’re telling you in this post. However, the Docker repositories have not yet been prepared for the number change. However, the process is quite reliable although it is advisable to take some precautions.

The main advantage of this method is that it does not expire. That is to say, as soon as the packages are suitable, everything will flow without problems and with the certainty that nothing strange will happen.

Once we know this, we are going to install Docker on CentOS 8.

Install Docke on CentOS 8

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Open a terminal session and add the Docker repository. As I said before we will use packages for CentOS 7 but it is functional. So let’s go for it:

:~$ su
:~# dnf config-manager --add-repo=https://download.docker.com/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo
Adding repo from: https://download.docker.com/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo

Then we’ll have to install Docker. The command in question is as follows:

:~# dnf install docker-ce
1.- The command fail
1.- The command fail

But if for some reason, the command fails. The safest thing is to use the following one:

:~# dnf install --nobest docker-ce 
2.- Install Docker on CentOS 8
2.- Install Docker on CentOS 8

That should work by now.

Now you only need to start the Docker service with this command:

:~# systemctl start docker

And see the status of the service:

:~# systemctl status docker
3.- Docker is running on CentOS 8
3.- Docker is running on CentOS 8

As you can see, everything is in order. That is to say, we will be able to use docker without problems.

And that is it.


Docker is a spectacular technology for the deployment of applications. However, due to the recent release of CentOS the repositories and packages have not yet been adequate. But today we have taught you an alternative method to achieve the installation.

You can learn how to install Docker on Debian 10 too.

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