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How to watch Twitch streams simultaneously on Android

Hello friends! Twitch is the most popular video game streaming platform today, however, it is not the only one. Facebook and YouTube also have their platforms for streaming video games in real-time. In addition to being able to interact with the community, receive donations, allow users to subscribe. Twitch is the largest platform, is where the most popular streamers are located, and therefore, the retransmissions that concentrate more people in front of a screen, usually competitions or special events where many streamers participate. In these cases, you have likely needed to watch several Twitch streams at the same time, to get several perspectives of the event and thus be able to see your favorite streamers. Therefore, in this post, we will show you how to watch Twitch streams simultaneously on Android.


To watch Twitch streams simultaneously you don’t need to install an app, in this case, you will use your phone’s browser. One of the most used websites to enjoy several streams simultaneously is Multistre.am. This website allows you to watch up to 8 streams simultaneously. As we add Twitch channels to the web, the platform shows us different formats so that the content is displayed in the way you like, including the possibility of showing one of the chats of the retransmissions. You should also take into account that Twitch is not a friend of these platforms and on many occasions, the broadcast shows a purple screen with a text that invites you to enjoy the broadcast directly on Twitch. tv. In this case, just wait a few seconds or reload the page directly.

First step

Open your phone’s browser.

Second step

Then go to the Multistre.am website.

Then go to the Multistre watch Twitch streamsam website
Then go to the Multistre.am website.

Third step

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After that, in the “stream 1” field, enter the name of the Twitch account you want to watch. As you enter user names more fields will appear, you can put a maximum of 8 streams.

After that, in the "stream 1" field, enter the name of the Twitch account you want to watch watch Twitch streams
After that, in the “stream 1” field, enter the name of the Twitch account you want to watch

Fourth step

Next, choose a layout and tap the “Watch streams” button. And that’s it.

Next, choose a layout and tap the "Watch streams" button
Next, choose a layout and tap the “Watch streams” button
Final result!
Final result!


Another platform that offers more customization options when it comes to displaying several Twitch streams together is TwitchTeahter.tv. The maximum number of streams you can watch with this website is 9. To add the Twitch channels you want to watch, just enter the channel name (without the URL) in the Streams and videos box and press the ++ sign if you want audio and chat or + if you only want the video.

If you click on Settings, you can make adjustments to the chat, audio, and video streams together. Some of these options are:

  • In the Chat options, you can configure how you want them to be displayed depending on the information that appears in them.
  • In the Audio section, you can mute all the streams or adjust the volume automatically to the level you set.
  • Within the Video section, you can configure the stream quality, an option that allows you to reduce the quality of all the streams together without having to go one by one.

If you want to modify the audio or video quality of a particular stream, you must access the options of each stream as you usually do in Twitch, click on the gear wheel located in the lower right corner.



Twitch is the platform of the moment to watch live streams, you can find a wide variety of content, besides being more relevant today as Amazon is the company behind Twitch. Using platforms like Multistre.am and TwitchTeather.tv you can enjoy even more live streams. At least while Twitch develops an alternative or tool that fulfills the same objective. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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