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How to use WinExt Protector and improve privacy in Windows.

Greetings! One of the biggest problems we face when surfing the Internet is seeing our data being leaked and ending up in the wrong hands. Certainly, privacy is an important factor to consider. However, sometimes it is conspicuous by its absence. Occasionally, we install a program or register for an online service and all our personal information is exposed. Fortunately, we can make use of some applications that help us avoid this issue. Today, you will learn How to use WinExt Protector and improve privacy in Windows.

What is WinExt Privacy Protector

The first thing we will do is to define what WinExt Privacy Protector is for. It is an application whose mission is to help us eliminate everything that can affect privacy in Windows. Accordingly, we will protect the data to prevent it from being stolen by an attacker and gaining access to personal information or any data.

Keep in mind how many files and documents we store on our computers. Many of them contain personal data, confidential information and even passwords. The same goes for registering on a platform and using a particular program. Everything is full of data and, even if we don’t use it, it’s still there. In many occasions, all that we store remains without us deleting it. In that case, we will use WinExt Privacy Protector. This tool helps us to delete files that are not necessary but could be affecting privacy.

Its working mechanism is elementary. In fact, what it does is to scan the system, searching for those unwanted files that can be a problem for privacy. For example, it analyzes browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, installed applications and documents. In short, anything we have on the system that could be a threat to our privacy. In this way we can eliminate it and prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands.

How to use this program

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Using this program is simple. It is totally free, and we can install it on Windows 10 and Windows 11. The first thing we have to do is download the application. Remember to always download from legitimate and reliable sources to avoid security problems that affect the system. In this case, there is no concern as we are providing the official website of the tool developer.

Downloading WinExt Privacy
Downloading WinExt Privacy

Once we have downloaded the file, the next step is to install it. As usual, the installation process is rapid and easy. After it is finished, we will see a screen like the following one. There you will see the general parameters of the installation process.

WinExt Privacy initial screen, ready to scan the system.

As we can see, it analyzes Windows applications and browsers. For example, the browsing history, downloads, cookies, cache. Some boxes are checked by default. However, we can check or uncheck others as we wish. If we want to analyze everything that is marked or what we would like to add, we only have to click on the Scan button. It will automatically start to analyze those files. In addition, it will show all the content related to the browser’s search history, for example.

List of files harmful to system privacy. Just press the Clean button.
List of files harmful to system privacy. Just press the Clean button.

Removing harmful elements

After the scanning procedure has been completed, it is time to delete those files containing data and information that may put privacy at risk. With this intention, you just have to press the Clean button. This button appears on the right side of the program. For example, we can delete the browser history, stored passwords, usernames… The same with installed applications.

One thing we must say is that the program interface is elementary. It does not really have many options. We will only have the basic buttons to select or deselect everything, delete, perform an analysis, etc. It is a basic program to carry out a maintenance on the privacy of the system. It is useful in order not to have files that can be used against us. For example, if we share the computer, it can come in handy.

Tips to improve safety

One thing we must say is that Tips to improve safety. In reality, we are not going to find a tool that protects us against viruses and other varieties of malware. It simply acts to protect information and make privacy always present. Therefore, we are going to give some tips to improve security.

Use a good antivirus

It is essential to have security programs installed. A good antivirus will prevent the entry of malware and any threat that can compromise our system. It is something we should always apply, regardless of what system we use. Regarding Windows, a very common one is Windows Defender itself. But we can also use others such as Avast or Bitdefender. However, beyond the antivirus we’re also able to install other programs, such as a firewall. In addition, there are browser extensions that increase network security.

Keeping the system up to date

Of course, something essential for security is to have the equipment correctly updated. We must always have the latest versions. Likewise, we must correct any vulnerability that may exist and that may serve as a gateway for a hacker to enter and steal data. It is essential to keep the operating system updated. As well as any program that we are using. In addition, the drivers of the network card or any other component must also have the latest versions to work correctly and avoid problems.

Install only official applications

When installing programs, always make sure that you are adding legitimate software, downloaded from official sources. Otherwise, we could have major problems that put our security at risk. A hacker could use a modified application to sneak in malware. He could use links as if they were really official sites, but they are full of viruses and other threats that steal our data and passwords.

Common sense

But if there is one thing that is important for improving safety, it is common sense. It is imperative to avoid making mistakes that can damage the proper functioning of the equipment. For example, a typical mistake is to download a dangerous e-mail attachment. Another common mistake is downloading from dangerous sources. Keep in mind that most cyberattacks will require user interaction. They will require us to download a file, install something, etc. Hence, common sense is very essential to avoid problems.

Ultimately, we have seen how to use WinExt Privacy Protect to increase privacy in Windows. Bye!

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