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How to use animated wallpapers in Windows 10.

Hi! Customization is something I really enjoy in operating systems. For that reason, we have shared some tips on how to change the look of Windows 10. Microsoft tends to be somewhat rigid about this element in their systems. Indeed, for wallpapers, we can only change them. If we want to enable animated wallpapers, we must resort to third-party applications. Therefore, there are a few options available. However, some are limited and some are paid. Today we present a new alternative. Lively Wallpaper is a powerful open-source application that works very well. It will allow us to use animated wallpapers in Windows 10.

Learn how to apply animated wallpapers with Lively Wallpaper

A common concern with these types of apps is resource consumption. Indeed, they often have an impact on computer performance. But Lively Wallpaper incorporates an interesting Lite Mode. Which is quite effective. In Normal Mode, the app consumes 400 to 450 MB of RAM. However, in Lite mode the consumption fluctuates between 50-100 MB of RAM. Although it would have to add 100-150 MB more if the wallpaper is a video and has to use the integrated MPV player. This player can be replaced by VLC or other options.

Additionally, the tool automatically pauses when running an app in full screen. Or when running a game, so it stops consuming resources immediately. It even allows you to customize this behavior. You can choose if you want to pause the animated background when you focus on an application. Also you can apply power rules if you use a laptop. Additionally you can set playback rules per application.

Lively Wallpaper running in Lite mode
Lively Wallpaper running in Lite mode

You can use almost any element as an animated wallpaper.

The tool includes a small set of defect-animated backgrounds. Of course, all these backgrounds are interactive. That is to say, we can edit them with the mouse to give a new look to the desktop. Consequently, we can add almost anything to the background library. This includes interactive websites, YouTube videos, 3D applications, and even audio viewers. In addition, it is very easy to add a new element. Just drag the video or web to the Lively Wallpaper settings window and you’re done. In the case of YouTube, just paste the link and create background from it. Lively Wallpaper supports multiple displays, in resolutions up to HiDPI and ultrawide aspect ratios. With the latest update, new customization options are added. For example, you can change the appearance of the taskbar. In short, with this application, we can use animated wallpapers in Windows 10. I really recommend the tool, it gives a modern look to the system. See you soon!

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