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How to update to MIUI 13 on your Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phone

Hello friends! MIUI 13 is finally here, it comes with Android 12. It is coming to most devices, in its global version. The mobile operating system based on Android from Xiaomi comes loaded with new features and performance improvements. Although the deployment has already reached most devices, there are still a few missing to receive the update by OTA (Over the air). It is possible to perform this update manually and in a fairly simple way. It is also possible that the update is not yet available for the region of your device. And because of this, there may be some delay. Therefore, in this post, we will show you how to update your Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones to MIUI 13.

Main features of MIUI 13

  • Liquid Storage: it is a new internal method to manage file storage.
  • Atomized Memory: An ultra-thin memory management method, which improves RAM efficiency.
  • Focused Algorithms: A series of algorithms that dynamically allocate system resources based on usage scenarios. Let’s say, depending on what you’re doing, it will prioritize CPU usage on active apps so that your important tasks don’t suffer.
  • New control center: MIUI 13 will also have a new control center called Mi Magic Center, which focuses on ease of interaction with other devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem.
  • Smart Balance: A system that automates the balance between performance and power usage. This could increase battery life by 10%, according to Xiaomi.
  • Revamped Widgets: Xiaomi has also paid special attention to the Widgets system, which has been revamped to be more aesthetic and offer more functionalities for day-to-day use. In addition, many of them are animated.

How to update to MIUI 13 manually for the global region

If you have not yet received the MIUI 13 OTA it is possible to install it manually. As long as this version is already available for your device. It is a fairly simple process and you will need an app called MIUI Downloader. More than an app, it is a tool that will allow you to keep your Xiaomi device updated to the latest version. Among its main features, it will allow you to check the availability of the latest versions of MIUI and Android for your device.

First step

Download and install MIUI Downloader by following the link below:

Google Play | MIUI Downloader

Second step

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Then open MIUI Downloader and tap the “Your device” option.

Then open MIUI Downloader update to MIUI13
Then open MIUI Downloader

Third step

After that, select “MIUI Stable”. Then you will see highlighted in orange the most recent version that corresponds to your device, in case this version corresponds to MIUI 13, congratulations you can update your device without any problem!

After that, select "MIUI Stable" update to MIUI 13
After that, select “MIUI Stable”
Stable ROMs update to MIUI 13
Stable ROMs

Fourth step

Then select the latest version for your device and tap the download button.

Tap the download button update to MIUI 13
Tap the download button

Fifth step

Once the update download is finished, you must go to Settings>About phone>MIUI version. Then tap five times on the MIUI logo until the “additional update features” are turned on.

go to Settings>About phone>MIUI version update to MIUI 13
Go to Settings>About phone>MIUI version

Sixth step

Then tap the three dots located at the top right corner and tap the “choose update package” option. Next, go to downloads and choose the ROM you downloaded previously. Finally, choose the “Reboot and install” option. It is also recommended to do a factory reset for a cleaner update. That’s all! Enjoy your updated system!

tap the "choose update package" option
Tap the “choose update package” option
go to downloads and choose the ROM you downloaded previously
Go to downloads and choose the ROM you downloaded previously
choose the "Reboot and install" option
Choose the “Reboot and install” option
Final Result!
Final Result!


Keeping your device up to date will make it more secure and you will be able to enjoy the new features MIUI 13 has to offer. Remember to be patient if your device hasn’t received the update, you can always check with the MIUI Downloader app. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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