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How to Unlock the Bootloader on Xiaomi devices

Greetings dear readers, this time we bring you an easy guide on how to unlock the Bootloader on Xiaomi devices. The Bootloader in a simple way is the software that takes care of loading the operating system. In the case of Android devices. It is necessary to unlock it to modify the system or replace it completely with a Custom ROM. Also, make updates via Fastboot.

First step

Activate the Developer Options. To do this you must go to Settings>about phone>MIUI version, press seven times on the MIUI version. Now the Developer Options are activated.

MIUI version Unlock
MIUI version

Second step

Now you must activate the OEM Unlocking. Go to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options. Press OEM Unlock. After that, for security, you will be asked for your device’s password. Then press Enable to finish.

OEM Unlocking Unlock
OEM Unlocking
Enable! Unlock

Third step

You must now link your MI Account to MI Unlock. From the developer options press MI Unlock Status.

MI Unlock Status
MI Unlock Status
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After that, you will be asked for permissions, press Agree to continue. Then turn on the mobile data. Finally, press Add account and device.

Press Agree
Press Agree
Add account and device
Add account and device

After it has been successfully linked, you will see a confirmation message. In the opposite case, I recommend you to delete the Xiaomi account from your device and add it again.

Fourth step

Download and install on your PC MI Unlock, the official Xiaomi tool you will use to unlock the Bootloader. You can do this by following the link below:

Download MI Unlock

Fifth step

Open My Unlock. Then log in to your MI Account. After that shut down your phone manually, and hold the Volume down key and Power button to enter Fastboot mode.

MI Unlock
MI Unlock
Fastboot mode
Fastboot mode

Then connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable and click “Unlock”. You will probably have to wait 168 hours to complete the process. In some cases it’s instantaneous. After 168 hours repeat this step and you will have successfully unlocked your device. Remember to make a backup of your data as it will all be deleted. Enjoy!

Phone Conected
Phone Connected
Unlocked Succesfully
Unlocked Successfully!


Unlocking the bootloader is a completely safe and indispensable process if you want to be able to completely modify your device or to be able to install the most recent updates in the fastest way. Remember to keep checking back for more content. Bye!

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