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How to trim and rotate a video in Windows 10

Many times we need to crop or rotate a photo or image. Also, sometimes it is required to do it with a video. Well, in the case of photos, the photo viewer satisfies this need. For videos, on the other hand, it’s a different story. Certainly, there are many programs to perform these tasks. Therefore, you would think it is necessary to resort to one of them. However, Windows has its own functional video editor. Stay with us to know how to trim or rotate a video in Windows 10.

The Windows video editor is a complete tool.

Suppose you want a video to start or end at a different point. Well, you can do this from the video player itself. The first thing you have to do is to open the video. Additionally, next to the playback buttons you will see a button to edit it. After selecting several options are shown, please click on Trim.

Trim video from Windows 10
Trim video from Windows 10

The edit menu will open immediately. Actually, only two white circles appear. By moving them it is possible to determine the start and end of the video. Therefore, the duration is shortened. After the editing is finished, just click on Save as. Windows will then save the trimmed video in the same folder as the original with the suffix trim in the file name.

Editing the start and end point of a video in Windows 10.

How to rotate a video with Windows 10 video editor.

On the other hand, you also have access to more advanced controls. For example, you can change the orientation of a video. That is, change it from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. Well, in that case, you just have to open the Windows video editor. Surprisingly, this tool does not appear in the context menu. That is to say, if you use the Open with option, it will not be available. But don’t worry, just search for it from the Windows start menu.

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After launching it, you will see the welcome screen. So to start editing your video, you should click on New Video Project.

Starting video editing
Starting video editing

Adding a new project

Please wait a moment while the video library loads. Next, assign a name to the new project.

Assigning a name to the new video project.
Assigning a name to the new video project.

Then you must add the video from the button in the upper left corner.

Adding a new video for editing.
Adding a new video for editing.

After adding the video, you must drag it to the Storyboard. After adding the video, you must drag it to the Storyboard. Consequently, you will see a series of controls for editing the video. Trim, Split, Text, Motion, 3D Effects, Filters, Speed, and three other icons. Well, the last of them corresponds to the rotation function. It is easy to identify since it is an arrow rotating to the left. And it is used to rotate the video in that direction. In addition, it is possible to press it as many times as the user decides.

By clicking on play, you can see a preview of the video. And when it is ready, just click on Finish video. In this simple way, we have seen, how to trim and rotate a video in Windows 10. And the best thing is that it is not necessary to download any third-party program. See you later!


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