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video editor

Best programs to improve video quality.

Nowadays, the use of video processing is becoming more and more common on our computers. Let's remember that in the past, it was a...

How to trim and rotate a video in Windows 10

Many times we need to crop or rotate a photo or image. Also, sometimes it is required to do it with a video. Well,...

How to optimize your videos using your phone

Due to the hardware improvements that include the phones every year, we can record videos with higher quality, but the higher the quality the...

How to Install Flowblade Video Editor

There are a number of video editors available on Linux. In fact, there are quite a lot of them for using in our everyday...

How to Install OpenShot Video Editor on Linux

Linux is one of the most powerful OS in the world. However, because it’s not so popular and has complex system configuration, there are...

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