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How to save battery and mobile data with 2 hidden settings in Android 14

Greetings folks! Saving battery on Android is as simple as stopping using your phone or turning it off completely. That’s obvious, but there are ways to make better use of milli amps without having to do without basic use of your smartphone. There is a way to save a lot of battery by removing a couple of options that come by default in Developer Options. At the same time, you’ll save mobile data. The system offers several saving modes that can be activated if the percentage drops dangerously below 10%. For example; you can restrict the use of background apps and reduce the screen brightness. Both are visible options that help extend battery life, although other settings are not so obvious. In this post, we will show you how to save battery and mobile data with 2 hidden settings in Android 14.

Blocking the permanent mobile data connection

Wireless connections are an essential part of smartphones, especially after the progressive popularization of apps connected at all times. Android searches for a tower to connect to, tries to locate known WiFi networks and, on top of that, performs both tasks constantly and by default. Restricting this operation will have positive effects on battery saving without wasting more than a few minutes each day.

Increasing battery life is possible with two hidden settings on your Android that will help you.

In the Developer Options, several settings allow you to get some more autonomy. And two of these options are practical: “Mobile data always active” and “Wi-Fi scan throttling”. Both are intended to reduce the time away from an active Internet connection, but they can be switched off without reducing the usage experience too much. We find this highly recommended.

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Here’s how to disable both network features from Developer Options:

First step

To begin with, it is essential to enable the “Developer options”. To do this, go to the settings of your Android. Then find the “About phone” section. Next, locate the “Build number” and press that option 7 times until you see a message saying “You are now a developer”. This activates the “Developer options”. There is a possibility that you will have to authorize unlocking your phone.

You are now a developer
You are now a developer

Second step

Then go back to the main “Settings” menu and go to the “System” section to locate the new “Developer options”. For each brand of phone, this may vary: they are usually located under “System”.

Developer options save battery and mobile data
Developer options

Third step

After that, swipe down in the Developer Options menu until you find the “Wi-Fi scan throttling” setting and enable it.

Wi-Fi scan throttling save battery and mobile data
Wi-Fi scan throttling

Fourth step

Finally, just look for the “Mobile data always active” option and turn it off. And that’s it!

How to save battery and mobile data with 2 hidden settings in Android 14
How to save battery and mobile data with 2 hidden settings in Android 14


By configuring these two functions of WiFi and mobile connectivity in the background your Android device will stop searching for networks constantly and, when connected to a known WiFi, it will disable mobile data so as not to waste resources when they are unnecessary (you can also completely disconnect the WiFi and activate it only when you are under your known networks). In return, it may take a few seconds longer than usual for your phone to connect to the Internet when you leave the WiFi coverage, nothing that would be problematic. Remember to try these options and let us know your experience in the comments. Thanks for reading us. Goodbye!

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