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How to free space on Telegram for Android

Greetings friends! Telegram supports an option to delete the cache from the app that is much more certain. In addition to offering the ability to set occupancy limits. There are many ways to free up storage space on Android. But after several years you realize that the culprit of running out of space is the cache. More in the case of applications like Telegram that are in daily use. And that unconsciously is consuming space on your Android device. In this post, we will show you how to free up space on Telegram for Android. When using Telegram you will realize that gradually accumulates a lot of space. And it doesn’t matter if the app stores chats on its servers. Since there is always a certain part that remains in the internal memory. Fortunately, it is easy (and painless) to remove that part.

The best option is to delete the Telegram cache using the app itself

The cache is a part of the phone’s internal storage in which certain files are stored. Of a temporary nature generally, they serve to optimize the performance of the apps. However, they can end up being counterproductive if they take up too much space. That is why freeing this memory is key on many occasions, especially in the case of apps that consume as much space as Telegram.

As standard, we know a generic method to clear the cache memory of apps on Android, which is to go to the phone settings. However, Telegram is one of the exceptions in that it is also allowed to empty from the app and more effectively. And the latter is not a saying, since, as you can see, you can delete much more data than from the phone settings.

So that you can achieve your task and delete your Telegram cache, you just have to follow the following steps:

First step

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In Telegram, open the drop-down menu on the left. Then enter the “Settings” section.

How to free space on Telegram for Android
How to free space on Telegram for Android

Second step

After that, go to the “Data and Storage” section.

Data and Storage free space on Telegram
Data and Storage

Third step

Next, now click on “Storage usage”.

Storage usage
Storage usage

Fourth step

Finally, press the “Clear cache” button.

Clear cache
Clear cache

Don’t forget to set limits for Telegram

After you already know how to clear the cache manually in Telegram. Perhaps it is also interesting to set a limit so that it does not occupy more than a certain amount of space. So you will not have to be constantly aware of the memory occupied by the application.

To achieve this, you must return to the same menu as before (Data and storage). But instead of just hitting the “Clear Cache” button. You should slide down and until you see the “Maximum cache size” option. The convenient thing to do would be to move the bar and set it to 5 GB, which is the minimum you can set. Another setting that may benefit you is to disable the automatic downloading of media files. This way, when you receive a lot of files they will not be downloaded automatically. And you can manually choose which files you want to download. This setting can also be found in the “Data and Storage” section.

Once you have followed the steps in this article. It is advisable to keep checking the cache space occupied by Telegram from time to time and you can delete it if you see it necessary. However, you can now rest easy knowing that it will not get out of control. At most, it will take up 5 GB, which is already quite a lot in itself. Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

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