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How to restart Windows 10 correctly

Hello! We perform many tasks with our computer. Indeed, they are various activities related to leisure, study, and work. Moreover, depending on the hardware, we can perform several activities at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the system as healthy as possible. Certainly, Windows 10 prides itself on being stable. However, it is not free from failures. Sometimes, these problems are related to component compatibility. But also, these failures can be caused by the user. Either by misuse or carelessness. A recurring problem is not restarting Windows efficiently. Therefore, today we will see how to restart Windows 10 correctly.

How to restart Windows 10 correctly and avoid crashes.

Windows 10 provides several ways to reboot the system. However, before proceeding further it is necessary to take some steps. Accordingly, it is advisable to close all open jobs. You should also close all running programs. This will ensure that the reboot will be done safely. In addition, the system will not be damaged.

How to restart Windows by pressing two keys

This is a very simple method. In fact, it is enough to press a couple of keys to make it work. However, it is recommended to close all programs. The first thing you have to do is to go to the desktop. Then, press the combination Alt+F4. This is important, because if you do it with a program open, what you will do is close that program. Well, a window with several options will be displayed. Therefore, select the corresponding option.

Using the menu to reboot the system.

However, this is not the only way to restart the computer. There is another way to make it safe and stable. Consequently, it is enough to click on the start menu. Once there, just click on the power logo. When the menu is displayed, just click on Restart.

Restarting Windows from the boot menu
Restarting Windows from the boot menu

Restart Windows from the advanced options menu.

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Windows 10 has an advanced options menu. It is detached from the start button. Just right-click on it. Or press the Win+X combination. Immediately the menu with several options will be displayed. Next, just click on the shutdown menu.

Restarting Windows from the advanced options menu
Restarting Windows from the advanced options menu

It is also possible to do this by means of a shortcut. Just right-click on the desktop. Then click on New>Shortcut.

Then fill in the box with the following text:

C:/Windows/System32/shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Now it is time to name the shortcut. You can choose something representative like Restart Windows and save it on the desktop. Thereafter just double-click on it to restart the computer immediately. Okay, we have finally seen how to reboot Windows 10 correctly. Which allows increasing the performance of the system over time. Bye!

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