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How to reply messages automatically on Whatsapp

Greetings friends, Technology exists without any doubt to help us, to make our lives easier. It is possible to make your phone answer for you, it is a function that can be useful. Improve aspects of your work life and also your personal life. It works on Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and even Signal. In this post, we will teach you how to reply messages automatically on Whatsapp.

Auto Reply Bot is an app that will analyze your messages and reply to them using a predefined response following certain rules. For example, it can be useful for small businesses that are starting to ship their products. In this way, they could be streamlining the purchasing process. You could set up a rule that if the message contains the word order or price, it will automatically send the customer response with the necessary information, it can also be approximate of the word.

First step

Download and install the app directly from the Google Play Store by following the link below:

Google Play Store | Auto Reply Bot for WA

Second step

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Now open the app and press the GET STARTED button to grant notification permissions. You will be redirected to the notification access settings, then grant permissions to Auto Reply Bot for WA.

main screen reply
main screen
notification access settings reply
notification access settings

Third step

After that, go back to the main screen, press settings and you will be redirected to Autostart settings. Then grant permissions to Auto Reply Bot for WA.

press settings reply
press settings
autostart settings
Autostart settings

Fourth step

Back to the main screen, press the + button to add a new rule. Place a sample of the received message, you can choose between an exact match and a similarity match. Then in the reply section add your reply, finally press the check button and that’s it.

press the + button
press the + button
add a new rule
add a new rule
AutoReply Bot for WA
AutoReply Bot for WA


Auto Reply Bot for WA delivers what it promises, with a clear and simple interface, it also has a Pro mode that will provide you with more features. It is a unique opportunity to improve your business performance. Thanks for reading us. Remember to keep visiting us for more content. Bye!

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