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How to rename multiple files in Windows 10.

Hi, how are you? Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system in the world. Indeed, more and more users are approaching this ecosystem. From professionals to amateurs, the number of users is rising. Now, it is likely that developing some work, it will be necessary to rename massively a set of files. Since it would be really tedious to do it one by one. On the other hand, there are many third-party applications that offer to do the job. However, Windows 10 has its own powerful tools for this. For that reason, we will see how to rename multiple files in Windows 10.

Change the names of the files, using the file explorer.

One of the easiest options is to use the file browser. With this intention, press the Win+E combination. Then, open the folder where the files are. Then select all the files. Next, click on the Home menu. Finally, select the Rename option. Now, just assign the new name, and the files will be automatically renamed.

Rename several files at the same time, using the file explorer.
Rename several files at the same time, using the file explorer.

Change file names using the Command Prompt

But if you like to use the console for everyday tasks, then this method is for you. In the first place, press the Win+R combination. Then write CMD. Press OK to continue

Launch a command prompt.
Launch a command prompt.

Once the CMD is deployed, please enter the following syntax.

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cd %USERPROFILE%\Folder location\document folder name 

Remember to replace the variables with your folder names. As in the following example:

 cd %USERPROFILE%\Documents\windowsmen  
Browse to the folder location.
Browse to the folder location.

Then add the following command to see a list of all files:

Displays the list of files within the folder.
Displays the list of files within the folder.

Now run the command with the following syntax to rename the files.

 ren *.extension ??????????-newname.* 

The first asterisk represents that all files with the expressed extension are selected. You must add as many question marks as the letters in the longest file name. In this case, the windowsmen file has 10 letters. Therefore, 10 question marks are added. And finally, enter the new name before the second asterisk. In this way, the name is set for all files. Please look at the following example:

ren *.txt ??????????-osradar.*
Execute the changes
Execute the changes

Finally, run the DIR command to see the changes.

File names actually changed.
File names actually changed.


Ultimately we have seen how to rename multiple files at the same time in Windows 10. I hope you find this tutorial useful. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about DoH in the main web browsers. See you soon!


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