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How to remove the voice from a song on Android

Hello friends! Karaokes usually have the music tracks, separating the voice so that these can be sung by all types of persons. If you are looking to do the same but from your Android phone, you are in the right place. There are dedicated apps to remove the vocals from a track and save it to use the base with our voice. One program that makes this task easy on PC is Audacity, a full-featured audio editor that unfortunately is not available on Google’s mobile operating system. A simple app to use for this job is SingPlay, which will also act as a karaoke if you want to sing a song at any time. Therefore, in this post, we will teach you how to remove the voice from a song on Android.

SingPlay performs your song covers!

This app is excellent when it comes to removing vocals from songs, because of its simple and intuitive interface. SingPlay has several modes, the first of them will allow you to remove the entire voice or in some cases remove them almost completely, leaving some echoes in it. Many karaokes usually do that, leaving a part of the echo so that it is easier to sing over them and you can record what you want, in a more organic way. SingPlay is not available on the Play Store, so you will have to download the app from one of the popular download portals.

First step

Download the SingPlay APK file on your phone using your preferred phone browser by following the link below:

SingPlay | Uptodown

Second step

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Then from the browser open the APK file. Next, click on “Settings”. Then grant permissions to install from unknown sources. Finally, go back and tap the “Install” button.

open the APK file remove the voice
open the APK file
click on "Settings" remove the voice
click on “Settings”
tap the "Install" button remove the voice
tap the “Install” button

Third step

After that, Launch the app once it installs on your phone, if you get one or two messages, close it with “X” on the top right.
Now, you can see the songs in the files where you are going to have the music, by default it usually comes in Downloads, Music, and other folders on your phone.

close it with "X"
close it with “X”

Fourth step

Then choose a song you want to edit. Then you will get a message tap “ok” to remove it, don’t click on the other box with a message that says “Don’t ask again”. Finally, to remove the voice from the track, click on the third icon from the bottom, of the microphone, this will remove the voice or voices, in some, it does it completely, in others you can appreciate that it sounds like the echoes.

choose a song you want to edit
choose a song you want to edit
tap "ok" to remove it
tap “ok” to remove it
click on the third icon from the bottom
click on the third icon from the bottom

How to record with SingPlay

SingPlay goes beyond removing vocals from songs, it gives you the ability to record while at the same time playing the track. It is an effective tool for everything with the right options, but being precise when looking for the two functions.

To record with SingPlay you must do the following:

  • Launch the application on your phone.
  • Then choose one of the many tracks you have on your phone.
  • Then mute the track by clicking on the bottom right button (the third button).
  • Next, once you only hear the music track, hit “Rec”, a timer will start with up to 3 seconds, once it finishes, start singing over the base.
  • You can sing on your own or accompanied, we also recommend you to look for the lyrics of the songs or you can improvise as you like.


SingPlay is an outstanding app that will allow you to make covers of your favorite songs, you can also take advantage of the karaoke section, in short, it is a very complete app for music lovers. If this is one of your hobbies, we invite you to try it. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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