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How to mute your Android phone automatically

Greetings dear readers, Android is an operating system that includes all kinds of functions that can be more or less popular. It is practically impossible to know them all. They can be really useful to improve your user experience. One of them is the do not disturb rules. It is a mode that allows you to mute your Android phone automatically, in addition to including a series of rules that will allow you to take advantage of it even more. To activate the do not disturb mode just press the quick setting from the notification tray. Doing so disables notifications and all sounds including calls. Do not disturb rules are present on almost all Android devices. Enabling them is simple, so you will not overlook to activate this mode when you are in places you need it, such as school or work. To configure do not disturb rules follow the steps below.

First step

Open the Do Not Disturb mode from the Settings. On phones with MIUI 12 go to Settings>Sound & Vibration>Silent/DND

Open the Do Not Disturb mode from the settings mute
Open the Do Not Disturb mode from the settings

Second step

Then look for the Automatically turn on or Schedule on time option.

Schedule on time option mute
Schedule on time option

Third step

Then click on Add rule

click on Add rule mute
click on Add rule

Fourth step

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Then give the rule a name and press ok.

press ok
press ok

Fifth step

After that, choose the Days of the week.

choose the Days of the week
choose the Days of the week

Sixth step

Finally, choose the time and activate the schedule.

Finally mute your Android
Finally mute your Android


By following these simple steps you will be able to create rules in Do Not Disturb mode. This type of rule is very useful for work or school, as it will allow you to select which days and at what time it will be automatically activated. This way you will not have to worry about activating it, it will be done automatically on the days you have chosen. Thank you for reading. Bye!

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