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How to measure distances in Google Maps on Android

Hello friends! When we are doing many trips. Something important is to always know the kilometers from the starting point to the arrival point. This allows you to have an approximation of the route at the end of the month. If you usually go moving from one place to another, the end must control everything you do in terms of distances. It is almost certain that you use an app that takes you to a specific place when traveling. If this is the case, you must take advantage of this well-known tool. Both Waze and Google Maps, two of the most used apps, usually have many interesting features. In this post, we will show you how to measure distances with Google Maps. Valid whether you use the phone or the computer since the use is very similar in both cases.

Measure everything in an approximate way

Choosing a starting point and an endpoint will approximate the meters that route has. It is usually quite real because everything is controlled by this application created by Google. Google Maps is one of those that over time has been maturing to include certain new features that everyone can access.

As if it were a concrete rule, you will see a line that will be pointing to everything. Until you get from the starting point to the point of arrival. If you do this you will be marking everything, as if it were a completed route. Being beneficial at the end to know what you have traveled during the day.

Google Maps is one of the apps that allows you to see the route both in real-time and afterward. If you also want to have the roads you have chosen on the way. In addition, Google Maps will give you the so-called short routes if you want to reach the destination you have chosen at the beginning in less time.

How to measure distances using Google Maps

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The operation of measuring distances in the Android application will be similar to the one available for iOS. All the steps are the same, except that you will be under Apple’s system. Getting to use this service requires very little, and for that, you will need to be linked to your Google account. The one that we usually synchronize with Google Chrome.
The first thing you should consider before measuring a distance with Google Maps. You have to see the starting point and the arrival point. It is important if you want to know the length, both in meters and kilometers. You can go tracing everything until you reach the destination you want, seeing with it all the streets, highways if any, as well as alternative roads.

To measure distances in the Google Maps application, do the following:

First step

Open the Google Maps application on your device

Open Google Maps
Open Google Maps

Second step

Then enter the address you want to be your starting point, you can put the street typed in the search bar.

enter the address you want
Enter the address you want

Third step

After choosing a point, long press and wait for it to show you more detailed information at the bottom.

Google Maps measure distances in Google Maps
Google Maps

Fourth step

Next, swipe to see the options. Then tap the one that says “Measure distance”.

swipe to see the options measure distances in Google Maps
swipe to see the options

If you have done this step well, you will now be marked with a blue line from the starting point and you should navigate to the place you want to reach. You can help yourself by using the + button.

Measure distance measure distances in Google Maps
Measure distance

Finally click on the arrow at the top if you want to return to normal mode. To conclude and save this route in case you want to go in car mode. Thanks for reading, bye!

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