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How to back up your emails in Gmail for Android

Greetings friends! You may want to back up your email. Delete some emails from your inbox to free up space in your account. Google provides all users with 15 GB of free cloud storage. But that won’t last forever and if it reaches the maximum capacity, you will stop receiving emails. In this post, we will show you how to back up your emails in Gmail for Android. This way you can save all the information you have. There has always been an alternative which is to pay annually for more space on Google servers. Which you can share with all the company’s apps like Google Drive or Google Photos. But it is not always convenient for all users. That’s why one of the best options available is to download a backup copy of all your emails. So you can easily delete them and always have access to this information in a file stored on your computer.

Back up all your emails in Gmail

Google offers a fairly easy way to export all your emails to an archive. You can save it on their computer to access it at any time and read all their email history. Just follow these steps:

First step

Download and install Gmail for Android from Google Play, we recommend you follow the link below:

Google Play | Gmail

Second step

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Then open Gmail and click on your profile picture.

Then open Gmail and click on your profile picture. back up your emails in Gmail for Android
Then open Gmail and click on your profile picture.

Third step

After that, tap on “Manage your Google account” and then tap on “Data and privacy“.

Fourth step

Next, look for the “Download your data” option.

Next, look for the "Download your data" option. back up your emails in Gmail for Android
Next, look for the “Download your data” option.

Fifth step

Then tap on “Deselect all”. Then swipe down until you find the “Mail” option and select it.

Sixth step

Now tap the “Next step” button. Finally, tap on “Create export”. This will generate a download link that will be mailed to you.

Also, if you wish, you can set this backup to run periodically. So that you always have an up-to-date copy of your emails. You should note that the format in which they are saved is .mbox, which means that you cannot read them as if they were plain text files, but you can use third-party applications to study them.

Now that your email is safe, you can soon delete emails you think you won’t need to free up space for new emails in your inbox or use it in a service or other Google services.

How to use the Windows MBox Viewer application to open a file with the .mbox extension

A file with the .mbox extension is an email storage format used by some programs such as Thunderbird or Eudora. To open .mbox files in Windows, you can use the free MBox Viewer application, which allows you to view the contents of messages and export them to other formats. The steps for using MBox Viewer are as follows:

  • Download and install “MBox Viewer” from its official website.
  • Run the program and click the “Open” button to select the .mbox file you want to open.
  • Wait for the program to load the messages and display them in a list sorted by date, sender, subject, and size.
  • Double-click on a message to view its contents in a separate window, where you can access attachments, headers, and the message source code.
  • Use the “File” menu to export messages to other formats such as PDF, HTML, TXT, or EML, or to save attachments to a folder.

Finally, close the program when you have finished working with the .mbox file. And that’s it! Thanks for reading bye!

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