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How to link your smartphone to Windows 10.

Hi, how are you? If you’re a techno-device person. Or if you constantly use your smartphone and computer to work. Or you’re just a regular user of both devices, then this is your post. In fact, more and more people are using the computer and the smartphone for their daily activities. For that reason, Microsoft has implemented a system that allows linking the phone with Windows 10. This application is called Your Phone. And it allows you to perform a large number of tasks on the phone, directly from the computer. Even, with the last update, it is possible to make calls. Well, in this post we will see how to link the smartphone with Windows 10.


  • A computer using Windows 10 with at least the April 2018 update
  • A smartphone with Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later.
  • Both the computer and the phone must be Bluetooth enabled to handle calls
  • Your phone’s companion application. Download it from this link.

Prepare the application in Windows 10.

First of all, you have to configure the Your Phone app. With this intention, press the Win+Q combination and type your phone to launch the application.

Launch the app
Launch the app

It is likely that the application will require an update. If so, click on the Update button. The process will be done automatically.

Update the app
Update the app

It is likely that the application will require an update. If so, click on the Update button. The process will be done automatically. Please select the mobile operating system. In this case Android. Please press Continue.

Choose your mobile operating system
Choose your mobile operating system
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Immediately a window will be displayed where you must enter your phone number. Consequently, you will be sent a link to download the app. If you have already downloaded it, you can skip this step.

The system will send a text message with the link to download the app to your companion.

Preparing the app your companion on the Android phone.

After downloading the app, please open it and read the following QR code that will be displayed on the computer.

Read the QR code with the smartphone.

Once the QR code has been read, it is time to grant the appropriate permissions.

Grant the permits.

Usually, this is a process that requires a lot of care. However, since it is a reliable app, you only have to approve all requests.

It guarantees permission for all permits.
It guarantees permission for all permits.

Once permissions are granted, it’s time to allow access to the app in the background. This will allow the app to remain active and refresh updates even if the phone is idle.

Please allow the app to run in the background.

Authorize the permission on the smartphone.

Authorizes operation in the background

We’re almost ready. It’s time to grant the last permission to establish communication between the devices.

Guarantee the last permission.

Finally, on the phone, you’ll see the message that the devices are paired

Back to the computer, there is now access to notifications, messages, and images from the android phone.

Your Phone application showing Android phone notifications


Finally, we have seen how to link your smartphone to Windows 10. From this moment you can work simultaneously with your smartphone from Windows 10. Well, that’s all for now. Before saying goodbye I invite you to see our post about the latest news from Bill Gates in Windows 10. Bye!

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