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How to install the new MIUI Volume control

Greetings friends, Xiaomi MIUI customization layer in the latest version renewed the volume center. A feature that has been unchanged for some time. Although this feature is available on many Xiaomi devices. Not all receive most of the new features, usually, this is due to hardware limitations. So in this post, we will show you how to install the new MIUI Volume control on any Xiaomi phone. The improvements included in this update will allow you to have better control over volumes, mute modes, and also a new design for the volume bar. To get these new features you just need to install an APK file containing small system updates that may not have been released globally by Xiaomi. You will take advantage of one of the many benefits of the Android mobile operating system, in this case in the customized version of MIUI.

First step

Download the APK file by following the link below:

ApkMirror | systemui-controls (Android 10+)

click on "Download APK" install the
click on “Download APK”

Second step

Then open the APK file, you can do it from your phone’s browser to make the process easier.

press open install the
press open

Third step

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After that, press “settings” to grant permissions to install APK files from the browser. Then press “allow from this source“.

press "settings" install the
press “settings”
Then press "allow from this source"
Then press “allow from this source”

Fourth step

Finally, click on install. You can now enjoy your updated volume center.

click on "Install"
click on “Install”
Do not Disturb Feature
“Do Not Disturb” Feature
"Do Not Disturb" Feature
“Do Not Disturb” Feature
Volume Control and Timer Feature
Volume Control and Timer Feature


Some of MIUI’s new features take a short time to arrive on certain phones. However, some of these features can be easily installed like the new volume control. It now includes a renewed interface and integrates the “Do Not Disturb” button with which you can mute all the sounds. You can also set a timer that allows you to quickly interact with the different modes. In short, it is a considerable improvement. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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