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How to install the Google Camera on your Android

Welcome, in this post we will show you how to install the Google Camera on your Android device. The Google Camera is the main camera app that comes installed on The Google Pixel devices. Thanks to the hard work of Google engineers can get all the potential of the sensors of the Pixel devices. However, don’t go looking for it in Google Play Store because you won’t find it. It is only available for Pixel devices in the Google Play Store.

For some years now, some of the members of the XDA Developers forum have been in charge of creating a Google Camera Port. By definition, making a port consists of extracting the application from the Android version of these devices. In this way, the app can be installed on as many devices as possible through the apk format. Besides, extracting these characteristics and creating apps with pro features.

Previous Requirements

Before starting you should know that the Google Camera in addition to being an apk file, is also a set of specific settings for the camera of each device. Because of this, you will find many versions of Google Camera, but do not worry in this post we will teach you how to easily find and install the right one for your device.

By the way, please note that devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors will have better compatibility than Exynos, MediaTek, and Kirin processors.

First step

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The first thing you should do is check the level of compatibility your device will have with the Google Camera. Download the Camere2 API Probe app directly from the Google Play Store.

Camera2 Probe verifies the level of compatibility that a third-party app will have with the cameras on your device.

To do this, open the app and check the Hardware Support Level section. Now you’ll see the next levels:

  • Level_3: This is the maximum level, if you are in this one you will have a hundred percent compatibility, probably you will be in this one if your device has a Snapdragon processor.
  • Full: Although this level is called Full, this does not mean that you will have full compatibility, but that you will have most of the features available. You will also be able to install the Google Camera. You will probably be at this level if your device has an Exynos or MediaTek processor.
  • Limited: If you are at this level, I have bad news, it will not be enough to install Google Camera. Probably your device has a Kirin processor of the brand Huawei.
  • Legacy: The same as Limited the level will not be enough.
Camera2 Probe Google Camera
Camera2 Probe

Second step

To install the Google Camera you will need to use an app called Gcamator that you can find in the Google Play Store by following the link below.

Google Play Store: Gcamator

Then open Gcamator app, and go to Your Gcam section. Gcamator will search for the right apk file for your device, and give you a download link.
After that click on INSTALL. Then the application will ask you for permission to access the internal storage of your device; you have to press the ALLOW button.

The download will start automatically, after a few minutes, the app will notify you that the download has successfully completed, then press INSTALL.


After that, the Gcamator will notify you that you don’t have enough permissions, later, press settings, and then press Allow from this source. Now go back and the installation wizard will appear, finally, press INSTALL.


Third step

Initial setting. First, open the Google Camera. Then the application will ask you for permission to access the camera, microphone, internal storage of your device, and your location; you must press the ALLOW button for each one.
And that’s it after you have done all the steps correctly, you can enjoy the Google Camera.


Because of the open-source nature of Android, we can always upgrade our devices, no matter how much money we have spent. The Google Camera has shown a great capacity since the first generation of Google Pixel, it doesn’t matter even if we don’t have any of these devices. Ideally, you should have the Google Camera installed to take advantage of its many features. I recommend you to join our telegram channel thanks for reading us.

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