How to Install Symantec Endpoint Protection Client 14 on Ubuntu 19.04 LTS


Is SEPM on Linux Supported?

Symantec End Point Manager server install is only supported on Windows Servers. Client version created with SEPM can be installed on Linux computers and servers as manged and un-manged version

Checking version and kernel compatibility

You can install an UN-managed or managed Symantec Endpoint Protection client directly on a Linux computer. You cannot deploy the Linux client from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager remotely. The installation steps are similar whether the client is UN-managed or managed, for this scenario we need to check first the compatibility of kernel version Please check below for supported kernel versions for your Linux Operating system

For version and kernel compatibility Please visit Symantec official visit

Steps Installing Symantec End Point Client on Ubuntu 19.04 LTS

For starting we need to check the prerequisites and you should be running as root user authentication and java jre 1.5 or above

which java version you have installed you had to write which java

 which java

if no any java is installed then it will not show you any info use below command to install java

 sudo apt-get install default-jre 
  • Once you finished with installing above prerequisites
  • Copy the Symantec End Point protection to your computer it usually packed in zip file
  • Next we had to unzip the file use below command
  • unzip (yourzipfile -d (destination folder name)
 unzip -d seppkg
  • once you successfully unzip the folder move to that folder in my case it is seppkg
 cd seppkg
  • By default your permissions are not allowed to install so you should use chmod Either you can use chmod 744 or chmod u+x
 chmod 744 ./


 chmod u+x  
  • Run Below command to run setup
 sudo ./ 
  • Insert your password if it ask if you are root user it may not to ask for password
  • Now it is installing Symantec end point protection on your Linux machine
  • Setup is completed as per below and a yellow Symantec icon appears in you task bar
  • Right click on yellow icon and click on open Symantec end point protection


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