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How to Install Kloxo MR Control Panel on CentOS 7

Kloxo MR is another open source, and free web hosting control panel solution for you. It is a fork of original Kloxo CP by LXCenter. Kloxo is fully managed, easy to use and manage web hosting server. In this guide you will learn that how to install Kloxo MR on Centos 7

Kloxo-Mr features:

  • Installs on Redhat/CentOS 5, 6, and 7
  • Billing support: AWBS, WHMCS, HostBill, TheHostingTool, AccountLab Plus, Blesta, and BoxBilling
  • Web server support: Nginx, Nginx-Proxy and Lighttpd-proxy, Hiawatha, Hiawatha-proxy and Httpd 24, Httpd, and Lighttpd
  • Dual and multi-web server support
  • Webcache server support: Squid, Varnish, and ATS
  • Php support: Dual-php with php 5.3/5.4 (primary) and php 5.2 (secondary)
  • PHP-type for Apache: php-fpm_worker/_event and fcgid_worker/_event; beside mod_php/_ruid2/_itk and suphp/_worker/_event
  • Mail server support: qmail-toaster
  • Database support: MySQL or MariaDB
  • Database Manager support: PHPMyAdmin, Adminer, MyWebSql, and SqlBuddy
  • Webmail support: Afterlogic Webmail Lite, Telaen, Squirrelmail, Roundcube, and Rainloop
  • FTP server support: Pure-ftpd
  • DNS Server support: Bind, Djbdns, Powerdns, MaraDNS, NSD, myDNS, and Yadifa
  • Available addons: ClamAV, Spamassassin/Bogofilter/Spamdyke, RKHunter, and MalDetect
  • Free SSL


  1. Fresh minimal installation of Centos 7 without any configuration changes.
  2. A static IP address

Step 1. Configure Hostname

You can use the following command for hostname setup eg. osradar.localhost.localdomain

# hostnamectl set-hostname osradar.localhost.localdomain

# hostnamectl
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Step 2. Setup Firewall

You must open following ports used by Kloxo configurations in firewall so all services will run without any issue.

20 & 21 : FTP
22 SSH
25 (TCP) : SMTP
53 (TCP & UDP) : DNS
80 (TCP & UDP) : HTTP
110 : POP3
143 : IMAP
443 : HTTPS
3306: MySQL

Use below command to add ports in firewall and reload it to apply new changes.

# firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port={20/tcp,21/tcp,22/tcp,25/tcp,53/tcp,80/tcp,110/tcp,143/tcp,443/tcp,3306/tcp,7777/tcp,7778/tcp}

# firewall-cmd --reload

Step 3. Install Kloxo Dependencies and disable SELinux

Now we need to install the necessary dependencies using below commands

# yum install yum-utils yum-priorities vim-minimal subversion curl zip unzip -y

# yum install telnet wget -y

Now Disable SELinux

# setenforce 0

# echo ‘SELINUX=disabled’ > /etc/selinux/config

Step 4. Installing Kloxo MR Control Panel

Go to /tmp directory and download the installation script using below commands

# cd /tmp

# rpm -ivh https://github.com/mustafaramadhan/rpms/raw/master/mratwork/release/neutral/noarch/mratwork-release-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm

Remove cached packages and headers

# yum clean all

Update mratwork RPM

yum update mratwork-* -y

Run below commands for Kloxo-MR installation

# yum install kloxomr7 -y

Finally Run below command to compelete installation

Note: This step will take couple of minutes so be patience.

# sh /script/upcp

Step 5. Loging intoo Kloxo-MR

After installation you will be able to access your Kloxo-MR with browser with following URLs

FOR HTTP:   http://your-server-ip:7778
FOR HTTPS: https://your-server-ip:7777

Default logins Credentials

Username: admin
Password: admin

After first login it will ask you to reset password.

Congratulations you have installed Kloxo MR successfully!

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