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How to get windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 arrived a few years ago with an original and eye-catching campaign. Indeed, those users of Windows 7 and 8 could upgrade to it for free. Of course, as long as they had a genuine version of the system. However, this promotion officially ended on July 30, 2016. But even today you can still get Windows 10 easily, legally, and for free. Let’s see how to do it!

Different License types in Windows 10

Before starting, you must know the types of licenses that exist for it. This is very important since it will allow you to validate the operating system correctly. On the one hand, there are the RTL licenses. These can be purchased directly from Microsoft or from any official supplier. In addition, with these retail licenses, you can install Windows on more than one computer. As long as the license is not used on more than one computer simultaneously.

On the other hand, there are OEM licenses. Which are included with the purchase of a new computer. In addition, their main difference is that they are tied to a single computer. Consequently, you will not be able to use it on any other pc.

Upgrading from a previous installation.

As mentioned above, it is still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 from a previous installation. Even if you are running a discontinued version of Windows. For example, Windows 7.

How to get Windows 10 from Windows 7.
How to get Windows 10 from Windows 7.
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The first thing you have to do is to download the official Windows tool. From here, just follow the steps I show you in this tutorial. The only difference is that you have to click on Upgrade this PC now.

How to get Windows 10 from a previous Windows installation.

Getting a Windows 10 ISO for a clean install.

With the previous method, you lose the license of the previous product in favor of Windows 10. Also, the upgrade process only works with the machine you are using. However, it is possible to obtain the Windows ISO for a fresh, clean installation. This way, you can upgrade the current machine, or upgrade another computer. For this, we will use the Media Creation Tool again. But we will change one step. You must click on Create installation media. Next, select the architecture and language for the download. Then choose to save to an ISO file.

Finally, just wait for the download to complete.

Downloading the ISO directly from Microsoft servers.

There is a way to get Windows 10 ISOs in an expeditious way. That is, without using the Media Creation Tool. Moreover, the download is done directly from Microsoft servers. So the result is totally safe and reliable. With this intention, we will use the Windows ISO Downloader tool. Which is a free and portable program. First, go to this page to download it. When you run it, you will be able to access the different versions of Windows. There are even versions of Windows 8 and Windows 7. In addition to other Microsoft products, such as Office. Well, just choose the desired version and its architecture. Consequently, the application provides a direct link to Microsoft servers to download the ISO.

How to get Windows 10 iso using Windows ISO Dowloader
How to get Windows 10 iso using Windows ISO Dowloader

There you go! Several options to get Microsoft’s latest operating system. Besides, they are legal and free options. So there is no risk of infecting your system with malware. See you later!

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