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How to Find Someone from Your Past Online

Losing touch with people is a normal part of life. People get busy, get married, move, start new jobs, and so much more. And all of those factors can make their network change too, shifting their group of friends and coworkers as they grow. But there may come a time when you want to reconnect with someone from your past. There are many reasons why this might happen, and you might find yourself feeling stuck if you don’t have the person’s most recent phone number. While this might seem discouraging at first, don’t lose hope, as there are ways to find someone from your past, and you can begin right on the internet.

Do Some Research by Using an Online Search Engine

You might be surprised by how much you can learn about someone by doing a simple search using their name on your preferred search engine, such as Google. For example, you might discover that the person you want to reconnect with has a website or blog. In that case, you might be able to send them an email to let them know that you would like to talk to them again. Or, you might be able to find their work-related details and then contact them through their business email. And, of course, social media profiles might also appear in search engine results, giving you yet another method for contacting the person you are looking for. Once you find the contact details, such as a phone number, you could even use PhoneHistory to verify that it is accurate. Overall, this is a simple strategy, and it can work well.

Find Contact Details Using a People Search Website

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Sometimes, search engine results are disappointing, or you might find it hard to sort through the results to determine if they are accurate. This can certainly be the case if you are looking for someone who has a name that other people have as well. In other words, you might get results that seem accurate at first, only to discover that they are related to someone else entirely. When this occurs, you can head over to Nuwber, which is a handy people search website that makes it possible to find someone’s contact details quickly and easily by using their full name. Plus, when you utilize a people search website, you can get more than just a phone number, as these websites can also provide you with other information, such as addresses and background details that can further help you verify that the information is indeed associated with the right individual. 

Ask Around and Look Through Social Media

Most people these days are on at least one social media platform, so it is definitely worth checking those websites as well when you are hoping to reconnect with someone from your past. You can head to Facebook to perform a search using an individual’s full name and see what results appear. As is the case when searching through Google or a people search website, you might realize that there are quite a few people with the same name, so you may need to go further to determine which profile, if any, is of the person you are looking for. Alternatively, you could ask your network of friends if they perhaps have the current contact details of the person you want to reconnect with. For instance, if you have former colleagues in your network who also used to work with the person from your past, you can ask if they know how to get in touch with them.

There you have it! Consider the tips above the next time you are searching for someone from your past.

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