Maybe you are new in a professional environment where you have to become familiar with new  terms like HBA cards and storage via Fiber or others

A host bus adapter (HBA) is a circuit board and/or integrated circuit adapter that provides input/output (I/O) processing and physical connectivity between a host system, or server, and a storage and/or network device

How to find HBA cards/ports and WWN in Linux Redhat/Centos ?

Method 1

To find the HBA cards installed on your system use :


To check the available HBA ports :

To find the state of HBA ports (online/offline) :


To find the WWN numbers of the above ports :


Method 2 : Using systool

Another useful command to find the information about HBAs is systool. If not already installed please do it  with the following command.

To check the available HBA ports :


To find the WWNs for the HBA ports :

To check the state of the HBA ports (online/offline) :

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