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How to delete screenshots automatically in Android

Greetings Friends, every time you take a screenshot and share it with your friends, you probably forget to delete it. As time goes by, they accumulate. This is very common. If you want to have control over the screenshots you store on your device, you’re in the right place. In this post, we will show you how to automatically delete screenshots in Android. To do this you need an app called Mark. This app will send you a notification asking you if you want to mark that screenshot you just took. After a time which you can schedule, the screenshot will be deleted. This way you will have your screenshot folder with only the files you want to save.

First step

Download and install Mark from the Google Play Store, follow the link below

Google Play Store | Mark – Auto Screenshot deleter

Second step

Now open the app. The first thing you must do is to grant some permissions, for its proper functioning.

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First press Allow so that mark can access your media storage.

press Allow delete
press Allow

Then press Continue to set the auto start permission. You will be redirected to Autostart settings, then select Mark.

press Continue delete
press Continue
Autostart settings delete
Autostart settings

Third step

Return to the main screen. You will only have 2 options, one to set the delete timing and another to auto-clear the notification. By default the time of erasing comes in one minute, you can set the time to your liking. Finally, I recommend that you enable the auto clear Notification option.

main screen delete screenshot
main screen delete screenshots

Fourth step

Once you have taken a screenshot, you will be notified with a YES button, press the button if you want the screenshot to be deleted automatically. Enjoy!

Mark Notification


With the Mark app, you will have more order in your screenshots. You don’t have to worry about removing them manually. This way you will also save space. An app that once you start using it you probably won’t stop. Thanks for reading us. Remember to keep visiting us for more tips and tricks for your Android phone. Bye!

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