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How to delete “Other” files on Xiaomi phones

Hello friends. Xiaomi phones with the customization layer based on Android MIUI include in its storage manager a section called “Others“. Surely you have noticed that this section when you select it does not redirect you to a specific folder and does not let you delete it. This is because the system catalogs hidden files of unknown formats in this section. This section is accumulating more and more Gigabytes, so in this post, we will show you how to delete “Other” files in Xiaomi phones. We will also show you how to identify these files and delete them. The “Other” section is never at zero but we will help you to reduce it as much as possible.

First step

Open the security app on your phone.

Second step

Then go to the Deep Clean section.

Then go to the Deep Clean section. delete
Then go to the Deep Clean section.

Third step

After that, identify the files that are not formatted. For example in the large files section, you may find some.

identify the files that are not formatted delete
identify the files that are not formatted

Fourth step

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Then delete the file. You can also select it to see in which path it is located. In this case, it is in a hidden folder under downloads. It is probably a corrupted or incomplete file.

View in folder delete
View in folder
Delete the file
Delete the file

Fifth step

Open the file explorer and go to the MIUI/Debug_Log Path in this folder is usually generated large “Log” files that can occupy several Gigabytes. The contents of the MIUI folder will depend on how you use your phone. You can also find the files received by the “ShareMe” app. Cache files from the gallery and bug reports.

Go to Debug_Log folder
Go to Debug_Log folder

Sixth step

Delete the “Log” files. You can delete these files without any problems and free up space in the “Others” section.

Select and delete all Log files
Select and delete all Log files


Deleting these files can help you free up space, remember that if you have less than 20% of space, your phone’s performance may decrease. It is also very useful to free up space for entry-level devices that do not have much storage space. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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