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How to delete junk files on Android

Hi friends, having low storage on your phone is one of the problems that many users face daily. The system constantly asks you to free up space to save photos, download apps, or even take screenshots. That’s why in this post we will show you how to delete junk files on Android and free up a large amount of memory. This process can be done from your phone’s file manager, but it is much faster and more efficient using one of Google’s best apps. Junk files are those that have no use for the operation of your device. You can also call junk files those images that you have not used for years and that the system determines that you do not need. The best example is screenshots.

A phone that has been in use for months and has never had a junk file cleanup can accumulate hundreds of megabytes of these files, which only take up space in your memory and worsen your user experience.

First step

Download and install the Files by Google app from the following link:

Google Play Store | Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone

press install delete
press install

Second step

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Then open the app and grant it storage permissions.

open the app and grant it storage permissions delete
open the app and grant it storage permissions
press allow delete
press allow

Third step

Go to the Cleanup section

Cleanup section
Cleanup section

Fourth step

After that, click on Confirm and free up space to delete junk files from your Android phone. Remember that all the temporary files that have been stored will be deleted. Don’t worry, no important files will be erased.


Files by Google is one of the best apps to free up space and manage your files. It will also let you know which apps you use less frequently, duplicate images by the system, and very large files. This way you can free up even more space. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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