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How to Delete Facebook

Facebook has become an essential part of our life. We can hardly think of any single moment without having fun, sharing status, uploading pictures etc. on the platform, right? It became more than a social networking site – a useful platform for business at the same time.

Recently, the scandal of Cambridge Analytica is a REAL hot topic. It stole the information of about 50 million Facebook IDs! That’s a big deal. With all the information in hand, Facebook is the ultimate target for all the business companies.

Because of the information breach (legal/illegal still not cleared), the recent popular hashtag #DeleteFacebook. Even Elon Musk, a great tech enthusiast, has deleted SpaceX and Tesla’s Facebook page. If you’re in the rage and want to delete your Facebook account, you can follow the following steps.

“Delete” vs “Deactivate”

Deleting and deactivating your Facebook account are completely different things. First of all, deactivating Facebook means that your account is currently disabled from being accessed. Your friends can’t write on your wall, see your old posts or find out yourself in the network. However, all the information about yourself is still in the Facebook server and can be used.

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When you “Delete” your Facebook ID, you completely remove all your information from the Facebook database. Your account is no longer on Facebook’s server and it’s no longer accessible.

To better understand the situation, let’s compare your FB account with a phone. When you deactivate, you turn off your phone. When you delete your account, you completely destroy the phone.

How to delete Facebook account

Deleting Facebook account is quite easy to do, but think hard before you proceed. Make sure that your decision doesn’t hurt you back. We’ll be following the backup and deleting the account in order.

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Go to “Settings”.

  • Click on “Download a copy” at the downside.


  • Click “Start My Archive”.

  • When ready, download and save the file.

Your account will be deleted accordingly.

However, you can still control what information Facebook will share with any 3rd-party about your account. Follow the simple steps shown on how to protect your info on Facebook.

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