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How to Protect Your Information on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site where millions of people collaborate with each other on a regular basis. However, Facebook is also a free platform, meaning that it has the right to income through a different method – by sharing your information with other business companies. It’s a crucial point that the companies are able to know every single detail of your information you share on Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica fiasco is the burning example how dangerous this can be. You need to protect your data on Facebook. You have the right to your privacy.

Whatever Cambridge Analytica acquired wasn’t illegal. In fact, it’s the Facebook’s “Terms and Conditions” that allows such data sharing with 3rd-party companies. The problem with Cambridge Analytica was the platform and API of Facebook. When users logged into the quiz app, they gave up information to the company, willingly or unwillingly. Unless you decide to delete your Facebook account, you need to follow measures so that no 3rd-party gets their hands on your private info.

How to disable info sharing

You may not know, but Facebook already has a method that will disable the information sharing. This way, your data can be secured.

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Go to “Settings”.

  • From the left panel, click “Apps”.
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  • Scroll down until you find out the options like the screenshot.

Here, “Apps, Websites and Plugins” settings is in charge whether your account can be used to login into any 3rd-party apps (games, websites etc.). If you don’t use them, you can choose to turn them off. Click on it and select “Disable Platform”. Be careful, as you won’t be able to log into lots of services.

A better solution is to manage what data the 3rd-parties can get from your account. Under “Apps Other Use”, click “Edit”.

Here is the list of all the information that a 3rd-party app connected to your account can collect. Here are the defaults. However, you’re free to uncheck all of them. When complete, click “Save”.

From now on, you also need to keep your privacy safe in the virtual world, as it’s too easy for any information to spread around. By following these steps, your Facebook account is quite safe from being used in any scandal like Cambridge Analytica.

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