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How to delete default apps in Android

Hello friends! Today I will teach you how to delete default apps on your Android phone, that is the traditional way the system will not let you uninstall. Many manufacturers include third-party apps in their custom versions of the Android mobile operating system. They also include proprietary apps that you may never use. To uninstall them is a simple process you only need a PC with Windows Mac or Linux. Follow the steps below.

First step

Download a tool that will help you communicate through commands between your phone and your PC. This tool is called Android Debug Bridge (ADB). You can download it from Google’s official site following the link below:

ADB for: Windows

If ADB fails, install the drivers for your brand

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ADB Drivers

Once you have downloaded it, simply unzip the ZIP file.

Second step

Download and install the Google Play Store Inspector app by following the link below:

Google Play Store | App Inspector.

Third step

Activate the Developer options. To activate them just go to settings, then look for the compilation number and press several times, until they are activated, this depends on your phone’s brand. For example in the case of Xiaomi is like this: go to Settings>About the phone and then press seven times in the MIUI version to activate the developer options. Then go to the developer options and activate the USB debugging.

Activate the Developer options delete
Activate the Developer options
activate the USB debugging delete
activate the USB debugging

Fourth step

Now it’s time to connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable and select the data transfer mode.

select the data transfer mode
select the data transfer mode.

After that, on your PC go to the folder you unzipped and open a command window. To do this place the pointer in a empty area then press Shift+ right-click, you’ll get a context menu then press Open PowerShell window here.

press Shift+ right-click
press Shift+ right-click

Then enter this command:

\.adb.exe devices 
PowerShell window
PowerShell window delete default

Then your phone will notify you that your PC wants to connect. Finally, press allow. If everything went well your phone should appear in the list of devices.

Allow USB debugging
Allow USB debugging

Fifth step

Now open App Inspector, find the app you want to uninstall. You must write down the name of the package.

App Inspector
Package name

Sixth step

Return the PC to the command window and enter the following two commands:

This command is to access your phone system

\.adb.exe shell

Now enter the last command that will uninstall the app.

pm uninstall -k --user 0 PackageName

And that is it. Enjoy!


Congratulations if you have reached this point then you know how to successfully remove all the bloatware installed by some manufacturers or carriers on your phone. The most advisable thing is to remove those apps that you probably don’t use and be careful with the apps that are necessary for the correct functioning of the system. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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