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How to create reminders in Windows 10

Hello! As the days go by, more and more people are spending more time in front of the computer. Indeed, the effects of the COVID-19 ha pandemic are making the computer more than just a work tool. So, today we will see how to create reminders in Windows 10. Consequently, you will receive a reminder on the screen when the date and time of the task arrives. Certainly, Windows allows us to do this function with Cortana and Sticky Notes. However, these options are not available all the time. Especially after the most recent update in May 2020. For that reason, a simple method of creating reminders in Windows is through Microsoft To Do.

How to download and install Microsoft To Do

As mentioned above, Microsoft To Do is a quick and easy way to create reminders in Windows 10. This application does not come installed in Windows, therefore you must download it from the Microsoft store. With this intention, click on this link. By clicking on Get, you will be redirected to the Microsoft Store. Once there, just click on Get again.

Please click on Get
Please click on Get

The download and installation process is carried out automatically. Consequently, you only have to wait a few moments and click on Launch.

Please launch the program.
Please launch the program.

Creating a task with Microsoft To Do.

This app is very simple and intuitive to use. In fact, to create a reminder you first have to create a task. With this intention, click on Add a task and write the description. For example: Walk the dog.

Adding a task
Adding a task
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Now it’s time to create the reminder. With this intention, please click on the icon with the clock button. Then several quick options will be displayed. For example, the same day later, tomorrow or next week. If you wish to specify a specific time, then you must click on Pick a date and time

Select a time for the reminder.
Select a time for the reminder.

A floating box with a calendar will immediately be displayed. In which you can choose the day and time for the task. By default, the selected day is today. However, it is possible to select any day and any time. Please note that you must click on Save to set the reminder.

Click on Save to set the reminder

This is it! Back to the main screen, the newly created task will appear. Please note that as you add tasks, they will be shown in the list.

Finally, To Do will send a reminder in the form of a notification when the time comes. This notification has a couple of options: Snooze and Complete. Consequently, if you press Snooze, the remainder will be repeated later. On the other hand, when you press Complete, the task will be marked as completed and will not be remembered again.

You can Snooze or Complete the Reminder


In this pleasant and intuitive way, we have seen how to create reminders in Windows 10. Similarly, this is a Microsoft application so it integrates very well with Windows. Also, the reminder works excellent. However, your computer must be on and you must have notifications enabled. On the other hand, the app allows you to play with the order of tasks and modify the visual theme. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Before I go, I invite you to see our post about setting a disk as read-only in Windows 10. Bye!

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