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How to clear The Cache Memory on your Android phone

Hello! The Cache Memory is small pieces of information stored by the apps and websites that we use every day, in order not to have to download them again. In this way to improve the opening and loading time of the apps. In short, Cache Memory is an important part of the Android operating system. However, having a lot of memory stored can be negative for low-end and mid-range phones. This happens because these phones have a more limited storage capacity, when they start to run out of space the performance of the phones decreases. So in this post, we will show you how to clear the memory cache on your Android phone.

Delete App Cache Memory Individually

  • Open the Settings of your Android phone
  • Go to the ‘Applications’ section
  • Go to any application and look for ‘Clear Cache’.
  • Repeat this process with the applications you use the most.

This method is usually one of the most effective but can be a bit slow.

Go to the'Applications' section clear
Go to the ‘Applications’ section
App info clear
App info
clear cache
clear cache

Clear all the Cache memory using Files by Google

First step

Download and install Files by Google.

Second step

Then open the app and go to the cleaning section. Finally, press “Clean Junk files“.

Clean Junk files clear
Clean Junk Files

Clean Cache on Xiaomi phones

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For Xiaomi phones, it is usually very simple and does not require installing an app.

First step

Open the security app

Second step

Then go to the Cleaner section

cleaner section
Security app

Third step

After that, the phone will start scanning the system for cache and other junk files. Then press “Clean up” and that’s it.



Clearing the Cache Memory is something you should do regularly, to avoid filling up your storage. Several months of use can generate a considerable amount of these files. Be especially careful with apps like WhatsApp and Chrome. These apps tend to accumulate more memory more easily. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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