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How to Check CPU Information in Linux

There are many commands which can be used in Linux to check CPU information. The information includes details about the processor, its vendor name, number of cores, its architecture (64 bit, 32 bit), cores speed and cache size etc.

In this article we will use some useful commands to check CPU information with details.

1- /proc/cpuinfo File

All of your CPU information stores in a file called “cpuinfo” Let use following command and you will get similar output like in image below.

cat /proc/cpuinfo

2- LSCPU Command

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So, another most popular and useful command to check cpu information is lscpu, simply open your CLI and use following command


3- dmidecode Command

So, dmidecode is use to get detailed information of CPU. it includes vendor name, version number, release date, etc


4- lshw command

Now, we will use “lshw” command

lshw command is used to see all the hardware information and its configuration. but, we can also use it to check cpu information using “-C” option. C uses to select hardware class. In our case hardware is “cpu

lshw -C cpu

5- nproc

So it is also very useful command. nproc is used to see the number of CPU cores.


Of course, There are many other commands and tools to check CPU information. But, i will recommend to use system default commands, which are very easy. However, “lscpu” is the best command among them.

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