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How to Backup Chrome Profile on Linux

Google Chrome is one of the most popular choices as the favorite web browser of everyone. Developed and maintained by Google, this piece of software is really powerful and free of cost. It’s also quite popular with Linux users. However, it can be really frustrating for reinstalling all the Chrome extensions and restoring the bookmarks again and again after every installation of the OS. This is the same problem with me who loves to enjoy different Linux distro.

If you’re on Linux, you’ve most likely faced the issue. Let’s take a look how you can backup your Google Chrome profile so that you don’t have to repeat the same processes again and again.

Backing up the profile

Start running the following commands.

  • Change the working directory to “.config”. Almost all the apps installed on Linux system store their app data and other files here.
cd ~/.config
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  • Now, let’s compress the Google Chrome profile into a GZip archive.
tar -jcvf google-chrome-profile.tar.bz2 google-chrome

Wait until the process finishes. Then, move the GZip file to “Desktop”.

mv google-chrome-profile.tar.bz2 ~/Desktop

Restoring the profile

Whenever you need to restore the profile, run these commands:

mv google-chrome-profile.tar.bz2 ~/.config
cd ~/.config
tar -xvf google-chrome-profile.tar.bz2

Encrypting the profile

If you want to encrypt the profile, you can simply encrypt the zipped file. Learn how to encrypt files on Linux.

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