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How to activate the airplane mode in Windows 11, and what is it for?

Did you know that Windows 11 has a function identical to that of your cell phone? We are referring to the airplane mode. This is a software feature that will be very useful in some situations. For example, when you travel or when you want to save battery life. Also, when you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications. In this post, we are going to explain to you what is the airplane mode of Windows 11. We will also see what it is for and how to activate or deactivate it in a simple and fast way. Do not miss it!

What is airplane mode in Windows 11?

Airplane mode is a feature that allows you to disconnect your computer from all wireless connections. That is, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Although activating this mode will keep your computer running normally, it will not be able to access the Internet or other nearby devices.

This switch that stops all wireless connections has an origin closely related to aeronautics. Hence, it is called airplane mode. More specifically, it was created to avoid interference with aircraft systems during flights. Before this function existed, it was necessary to completely switch off electronic devices to avoid noise or distortions in critical aircraft communications. For example, between the crew and air traffic controllers.

The advent of this feature allowed passengers to use their devices without having to turn them off completely. This has become especially important in recent times. Especially as the cell phone has become a Swiss Army Knife that performs all sorts of tasks. But, let’s remember that Windows 11 computers have several wireless connections, some even mobile data. Therefore, Microsoft has decided to include airplane mode in the quick settings of its operating system.

What does airplane mode do in Windows 11?

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Airplane mode on cell phones works just like airplane mode on your computer and has noticeable effects on your computer. Once enabled, you can only access local resources. For example, files synchronized from the cloud to the internal storage or installed applications. Anything you want to open from the browser will not work.

In fact, activating airplane mode does all of this:

  • The Wi-Fi is off. As a result, Internet access is lost.
  • Bluetooth is off, turning off any connection to other wireless devices.
  • GPS is disconnected and therefore apps no longer have access to geographic location.
  • Telephony and mobile data are disconnected. This prevents you from making calls or surfing the Internet with your carrier’s plan.
  • Power consumption is reduced, and battery life is increased.

How do I activate the airplane mode in Windows 11?

There are several ways of activating the airplane mode in Windows 11.

With quick settings

Going to the Windows 11 quick settings is the easiest way to activate the airplane mode on your computer. All you have to do is click on the button containing the network, battery and sound icons.

When the quick settings panel has opened, click on the Airplane Mode button.

From the configuration

If you go to Windows Settings, you will find a section dedicated to airplane mode. Specifically, you must go to Network & Internet>Airplane mode.

In this section of the settings, there is an interesting message that we should highlight. If you notice at the top, it states that Windows 11 will remember the connections you activate after enabling airplane mode. This allows you to keep, for example, the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, which is allowed on airplanes. In fact, many airlines offer free Internet to their customers.

Manually turning off the connections

Finally, the last option you have to turn on airplane mode (without turning it on) is to turn off the connections manually. For example, you can keep the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection enabled on airplanes.

It is obviously a possibility, and that is why we mention it here. However, if you intend to turn off all wireless connectivity on your PC, it is best to click the Airplane Mode button. Especially if you are traveling with an airline. This way, you can be sure that you have turned off all the necessary connections.

Airplane mode in Windows 11: when do you need it?

It is obvious that, if you are going to travel by air, the airplane mode is indispensable. Both on your cell phone and on your computer. Now that you know how to enable it in Windows 11, here are some additional tips to make practical use of this feature beyond air travel.

  • Charge your equipment faster. Disabling all connections reduces battery consumption and speeds up charging.
  • Play without advertising. By not having an internet connection, free games will not be able to show you ads as easily.
  • Enter a state of partial connectivity. You can activate airplane mode to turn off all connections, and then turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is then possible to still use some functions, such as connecting a wireless headset.
  • Troubleshooting. If you think there is a Wi-Fi or mobile data signal failure, enabling airplane mode and then removing it causes your device to search again for the best available network.
  • Avoid interference with other devices. And it doesn’t just apply to airplanes. In some spaces, such as hospitals with sensitive medical equipment, you may need to enable it.
  • Save data. Even if you think your device isn’t consuming data, some background apps connect to the network to update content and get data. Airplane mode stops absolutely all transfers and ensures zero consumption of your data tariff.


In summary, airplane mode in Windows 11 is a useful tool that can help improve your device’s battery life, reduce distractions, and improve privacy. By enabling airplane mode, you can disconnect your device from mobile and Wi-Fi networks. So it can help reduce the amount of power your device consumes. In addition, airplane mode can also help reduce distractions by blocking incoming notifications and phone calls. Finally, airplane mode can also improve privacy by preventing your device from automatically connecting to unsecured or public Wi-Fi networks. Overall, airplane mode is a valuable tool that every Windows 11 user should consider using on a day-to-day basis.

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