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Google reCaptcha v3 – No room for BOTS

Bots are always troublesome that can automatically send traffic to various sites. There are also other situations where bots can wreak havoc on a site, for example, using the DDoS attack. With constant bot activity, a hacker can even easily brute force a user password! For protecting against such destructive workloads of bots, Google released reCaptcha – an intelligent captcha method that allows only humans to get access to a site.

Recently, Google launched their next generation of reCaptcha (v3) that is more expert in identifying humans and bots when they land on a page. It also promises of eliminating the interaction with the user(s).

History of reCaptcha

Those who are surfing the internet are already familiar with all the different reCaptcha generations. The first gen was typing a warped text in a field for verifying as a human.

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The next generation is currently used widely. It asks the visitor to find out bicycles, buses or crosswalks for picking images for ensuring that they’re not bots.

Now, the latest version of reCaptcha is a lot improved. According to Google, it doesn’t require any human interaction for a frictionless user experience while running adaptive risk analysis in the background for any suspicious traffic.

The main weapon for appeasing users is a concept named “Action”. It allows observing the website visitors behavior and distinguishing automated reactions more accurately.

How reCaptcha v3 works

According to Google, for the best analysis, it’s best to enable reCaptcha v3 on multiple pages. This will create a large pool of patterns that can be correlated with human interaction. Each of the interactions gets a score from 0.1 to 1 for determining how suspicious they are.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the entire process.

Website admins had more than a year for testing this new service and fine-tune the evaluation criteria that benefits the users.

Hopefully, now we can directly enjoy our favorite contents over the internet without filling reCaptcha “I’m not a robot” again and again and again.


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