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Google Chrome Warning Messages

Google Chrome is definitely one of the best browsers you can get that offers the best performance of all. It also offers great flexibility and security for your privacy. Even if you’re trying to visit a skeptical site, Google Chrome will block your access and show you a warning about the potential danger.

You may have already faced a few of them until now, right? We all have. The number of misleading and dangerous sites isn’t small. Need to check out all the available warnings? Head to the Chrome’s internal “interstitial” page.

Chrome warnings

An interstitial warning page is a page when Google tries to warn you or notify its user about a particular risk when accessing a particular web page into the browser.

For example, when accessing a web page containing “malware”, you’ll get the following notice –

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For finding out all the available warnings, open a new tab and go to “chrome://interstitials”.

There are lots of available interstitial pages related to SSL, SafeBrowsing etc. Under the “WebView” section, all the warnings are for the Android app.

An interesting fact is, depending on the Chrome version, these warnings may vary. For example, the warnings from Chrome 70 will differ from Chrome 71.

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