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From Freelancing to Full-Time: Job Pathways for MS Access Developers

Microsoft Access is a database management system software that combines graphical users with a rational Access Database Engine. Becoming an MS Access developer is a very lucrative career path you can venture into in 2023. With several MS Access jobs available today, you can work in the healthcare, finance, education, or technology sector.

If you want to work as an MS Access developer, a wide array of choices are available to explore. Most people work as freelance MS Access developers, which offers diverse benefits. In contrast, some other groups of individuals prefer to work in a full-time work setting. 

If you fall within the category of individuals that prefer full-time employment as an MS Access developer, and would love to make a transition, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn some of the benefits of working as a freelance and full-time MS Access developer and how to successfully transition to a full-time MS Access developer.

Benefits of freelancing as an MS Access developer

On job aggregator Jooble, there are several job openings for MS Access developer freelancers. These job openings offer several benefits that make them appealing. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Flexible working hours
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As a freelance MS Access developer, you enjoy flexible working hours. So, rather than the traditional 8 to 5, you can work when it is convenient for you. In other words, you get to pick the most productive time to work. This flexibility gives developers the option to balance their work life.

  • Compensation and earnings control

Another benefit of being a freelance MS Access developer is that the reins of financial dependency are in your hands. As such, you’ll not have to worry about the tricky conversation with a supervisor to get a raise. Rather, as a freelancer, you have the flexibility to choose the rate that works best for you.

  • Self-management

If you’ve always wanted to be your boss, pursuing MS Access and developing freelancing jobs is the way to go. As an MS Access developer freelancer, you can choose the type of tasks you work on. It gives you autonomy over what you do and how you do it.

  • Workload control

If you feel overbore with work at any point, as an MS Access freelancer, you can easily cut down on the projects you work on. Freelancing gives you the flexibility to grow at your own pace. As such, you’ll experience less pressure, burnout, and physical or mental stress.

  • Work with diverse clients and gain experience

As a freelance MS Access freelancer, you aren’t settling to work for one type or set of clients. Instead, you’re working with different clients with different needs. As such, it helps you expand your knowledge and experience, which will look impressive on your resume.

Why transition to full-time employment as an MS Access developer?

While being a freelance MS Access developer is great, it comes with pitfalls that aren’t prevalent if you work full-time. Some of the benefits of working full-time include:

  • Financial security

One of the main reasons to consider transitioning to a full-time MS Access developing employment is for the financial benefits. As a full-time employee, you get a steady income flow. Also, most full-time MS Access developers earn more than their freelancer counterparts.

  • Build in-depth expertise

Another benefit of working full-time is gaining more knowledge about the database. Since you spend most of your time at work, it helps you become more acquitted with the working principles of the system. Whether it’s database installation, performance tuning and optimization, querying, and reporting, as a full-time employee, you become vaster in several aspects of the field.

  • Paid time off

Furthermore, as a full-time MS Access developer, you are entitled to vacation or sick leave. And the best part is that you will still get paid by the company or agency you work with during this period. This paid time off will give you the luxury to unwind and relax.

Roadmap to transition to full-time employment as an MS Access developer

Transitioning from being a freelance MS Access developer to a full-time employee is easy once you know the roadmap. There are different paths to helping you achieve this change, but below, we highlight some of the steps you can expect to take for this transition.

  • Develop a strong foundation

You must have a strong foundation if you’re considering landing a full-time job as an MS Access developer. Depending on the job, you may or may not need a computer science degree. But you must have an in-depth understanding of computer programming languages like C++, .NET, SQL, Jave, etc.

  • Master database design

The MS Access database design is vast, making it useful in many industries. However, you must understand a good portion of the database to secure a full-time job. Your proficiency, supervision, and execution of this management software are key to successfully transitioning from freelancing to full-time employment.

  • Gain relevant practical experience

As a freelancer, you have the luxury of choosing the type of tasks you work on. So, working on projects relevant to the full-time job openings you’re applying for will look impressive on your resume. It shows you have the relevant experience and will be a valuable addition to the company.

  • Learn advanced technologies

Having advanced knowledge of the technical aspect of MS Access will give you an advantage when applying for full-time employment. Understanding concepts such as macros, SQL, VBA programming, or automating tasks greatly benefits most businesses.

  • Network with professionals in the sector

Most importantly, you need to network with professionals in the sector you wish to work in full-time. These professionals will update you on the latest job offers you can apply to in the sector. You can network with these professionals at conferences, workshops, local meetups, etc.

  • Build a strong portfolio

Finally, ensure you have an ironclad portfolio. The portfolio concept is to showcase your skills and achievements impressively. So, think carefully about what you include in your portfolio and ensure it is simple to glance through and creative.


Switching from being a freelance MS Access developer to a full-time employee is easier than you thought. You only need the relevant skills and experience to work full-time. Remember, different organizations have different employee requirements, so your needs’ specifics may vary slightly. But the most important thing you need is to have the skills the business needs and relevant working experience. If you’re yet to acquire any relevant working experience, you can start gearing the tasks you accept to be related to the job you want to apply to.

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