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Firefox – Facebook Container Now Available

Facebook is one of the hot topics in the world of cybersecurity for quite a while. The way 3rd-parties are able to exploit Facebook to collect users’ sensitive info has put a lot of negative impact on the most popular social platform. However, it’s still not enough powerful argument to erase your Facebook account. Instead, use the Facebook Container that will contain Facebook’s spying activity at bay. It’s available in Firefox.

For using this feature, you need to use Firefox. It’s one of the major and most powerful web browsers. Firefox is available on different platforms including smartphones, making it a versatile choice of browser. With the latest edition – Firefox Quantum, the performance and stability are now rock-solid. Get Firefox.

Facebook Multi-Account Containers

Whenever you’re running Facebook in your browser, it has deployed different spying method that takes a look at your browsing history, what pages you’re visiting now, your every clicks etc. This gives a tremendous advantage in the market of advertisement. That’s why Facebook is free for all and the most popular social networking platform.

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The Firefox extension is extremely powerful to keep your privacy intact. Whenever you’re on Facebook, the extension will create a container for Facebook. The container is an isolated space in the system without having any connection to the original platform, making it really hard for Facebook to spy on you.

Once you’ve installed successfully, the extension will remove all the Facebook cookies and login info from your browser. Then, whenever you log in to Facebook, the app will launch it into a blue-colored tab (container tab). Thus, Facebook is kept into an isolated system.

Don’t worry, as you can easily use the “Share”, “Like” button on other websites. Whenever you click on the buttons, the extension will start Facebook into the container mode. Note that the view and feel will not be the same, but you’ll get used to it.

Not everything is safe, though

The app will secure your browsing history and other types of spying on you, but it can’t prevent leaking information like uploading file(s), image(s), video(s) etc. In these cases, you’re the responsible one for leaking your information.

That’s why make sure to think twice before you share anything on Facebook. Anyone keeping a sharp look on your Facebook can easily tell a lot of things about you. This process is called “social engineering”.

Did you know that you could protect your information from sharing to 3rd-parties? Learn how to protect your Facebook information from unintended 3rd-party access.

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