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Firefox 75 available

With all this going on worldwide with the pandemic, the new version of Firefox has likely gone unnoticed. Yes, Firefox 75 is a new version that incorporates small but important new features. Join me in this post to find out.

Firefox is one of the most important browsers nowadays. You could consider it as a jewel of open source. Since it was one of the first to demonstrate that if you can develop a quality application under this approach.

As is well known, the development cycle of Firefox is quite agile. This allows you to introduce new improvements and fix bugs frequently.

So Firefox 75 is here and we will examine the main features.

Firefox 75 Features

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This launch stands out for certain things, but the main one is that from now on the navigation bar is more productive. With it, you can search faster and smarter.

To achieve this, the navigation bar will suggest the main sites based on the keywords. It has also been optimized for smaller laptops.

This release brings very good news for Linux users because now the behavior when clicking on the navigation bar is the same as other platforms. This behavior is a single click selects all without primary selection, a double click selects a word, and a triple-click selects all with primary selection.

This Firefox version debuts in Flatpak. This will make it available for even more Linux distributions and with the addition of being isolated from the system.

Also, the enterprise policies may be used to exclude domains from being resolved via TRR using DNS over HTTPS.

In this version, you can save bandwidth and reduce browser memory by using the loading attribute on the <img> element.

As always, with each new version, many known bugs are corrected. In addition to this, also patches to improve the security of the application.

Finally, in this version, the Android version has minor new features and specific bug fixes.

If you want to install it, you can use Flatpak to avoid any risk to alter the system. Or in the case of Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other distributions, you should soon have it available from the distribution’s package manager.

For more information, you can read the release notes.

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