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Enjoy Discord on Linux

Have you ever heard the name of Discord? Of course, you did! It’s a huge platform that gamers just can’t LOVE enough! Discord offers gamers to enjoy talking with each other and organizing their teams for actually getting a game going.

It’s a free platform that offers the Slack-style interface along with audio + video chat system, just like Skype. Discord now have about billions of users with millions of active logins every single day. The services are so great that even other sectors have now started integrating Discord into their core.

Are you a Discord user? If not, get yourself a Discord account right now, as we’re about to enjoy the amazing service directly on our Linux platform.

Getting Discord

Discord app comes up in a few variants – a DEB package (Ubuntu/Debian) and snap (Universal). Let’s get started.

  • Ubuntu/Debian

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Download the latest DEB package.

Then, run the following commands –

cd ~/Downloads/

sudo dpkg -i discord-0.0.5.deb

sudo apt install -f

  • Snap

For enjoying any snap package, you have to make sure that your system has “snapd” installed. It’s essentially the local client that will do all the tasks – installing, removing, updating all the installed snap packages etc. Learn how to get snapd on Linux.

Then, run the following command for installing the Discord snap –

sudo snap install discord

Using Discord

After the installation is complete, it’s time to enjoy Discord!

Fire up the app –

Login into your account.

Now, all you have to do is connect with your friends or a server. You can also host your own server.

Then, start enjoying communication with your teammates and get the fullest potential out of your teamwork!

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