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Enable Native Notifications of Chrome on Linux

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and powerful browsers that provides awesome support for native notifications. On other platforms like Windows or Mac, the notifications display correctly. The system itself follows Google standards for the best user experience. However, Linux users find it difficult utilizing the facility of Native Notifications on Linux. It’s because the notification system does hardly match the whole of the OS.

Native notifications can be annoying, but it’s also the easiest way of keeping yourself updated with the latest news and information. For example, I use native notification for receiving Facebook notifications and the latest tech news from different sites.

Now, let’s start fixing the notification system for Linux users.

Installing Chrome

Google is a great tech company providing Chrome for free. From the official site, you can get the latest & stable binary release for Ubuntu, Debian (DEB) and Fedora, OpenSUSE (RPM) packages.

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Follow the command lines for installing the package according to your Linux distro. Let’s assume that the package file is saved in “~/Downloads” folder.

  • Debian/Ubuntu
cd ~/Downloads

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome_stable_current.deb
sudo apt install -f
  • OpenSUSE
cd ~/Downloads

sudo zypper install google-chrome_stable_current.rpm
  • Fedora
cd ~/Downloads

sudo dnf install google-chrome_stable_current.rpm -y
  • Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S git
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/google-chrome.git
cd google-chrome

makepkg -si

Native notification

For turning on the native notification on Chrome, open chrome and go to “chrome://flags”.

Search for “notifications Linux” on the search bar.

After you’ve found the option “Enable native notification”, enable it.

For turning off the notification service, you can disable the option stated above.

Enjoy the awesome notifications! For Linux users, “grep” can also be a really handy tool. Learn more about “grep” and its usage.

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