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Elementary 5.1 available

With a lot of new features comes a new version of Elementary OS. A distribution based on Ubuntu that involves a redesign of the way we saw Linux on the desktop. So, Elementary 5.1 is available and today we will tell you about it.

after 1 year of continuous and tireless work, the Elementary OS development team has released a new version. Recently Elementary OS 5.1 has been released with the key name “Heda”.

This version has important new features and further consolidates the distribution that had earned a reputation for instability. Well, today we’ll show you what some of those new features are.

Elementary 5.1 Features

The first thing to say is that the distribution is more stable than ever. Since this version is based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 with all the work behind it. That is to say, many bugs in the Ubuntu base have already been fixed. Besides this, since this version of Ubuntu is based, the graphical stack and the kernel have been updated.

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On the other hand, the Flatpak bet increases because they have managed to integrate it with the AppCenter. At least in an initial way but quite well achieved. And although they always recommend installing applications from the AppCenter, thanks to Sideload you can learn more about the implications of installing Flatpak applications. Also, the AppCenter is much faster now and its performance is better.

1.- AppCenter
1.- AppCenter

Another element to keep in mind is that this new version of Elementary OS improves Greeter and Onboarding. Greeter is the name given to the login and lock screen in Elementary OS. Textually citing the development team:

“The newly redesigned login and lockscreen greeter looks sharper, works better, and fixes many reported issues with the previous greeter including focus issues, HiDPI issues, and better localization”

2.- Elementary OS 5.1 greeter
2.- Elementary OS 5.1 greeter

And in the case of Onboarding, it has now been improved to be more than just a welcome assistant. In fact, every time an important novelty arrives at Elementary OS, it will be shown using Onboarding. Something very interesting for newbies.

3.- Onboarding
3.- Onboarding

There are many more improvements concerning the performance and use of distribution. For example, support for HiDPI and Accessibility options is improved.

Where to Download Elementary and Conclusion

Of course, you need to download the Elementary OS ISO to install and enjoy it on your PC. If you would like to do so, please visit the project website and set up an amount of money you would like to collaborate with. In case you choose 0 you can do it for free always recommending Torrent to not saturate the servers.

Finally, it must be said that Elementary OS 5.1 is a distribution designed for the novice. It is quite innovative and brings freshness to the Linux world. Let’s hope it’s a success and we’ll keep an eye on it.

If you want more information about this release, it’s best to read the release notes.

Note: All images were taken from the release notes.

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