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Does Microsoft Office Have A PDF Editor?

Short answer: not exactly. Let’s explain!

Microsoft Office does not have a PDF editor. However, it can edit PDF files – albeit with limitations.

What limitations?

More importantly, what kind of PDF files can Microsoft Office edit?

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And is there a better tool than Microsoft Office that edits PDFs with zero limitations?

This article contains the answers to those questions – and more!

How Does Microsoft Office Edit PDFs?

When unpacking your Microsoft Office suite, you’ll see all types of tools – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even, Access. But there is no PDF Editor!

So, how come Microsoft Office edits PDFs?

While there is no defined tool for editing PDFs, Word can perform the role. And beautifully enough, it’s FREE.

Even better, editing your PDFs with Word is straightforward. Right-click on the PDF file and open it with Word instead of the default reader.

Unfortunately, Word can’t edit all PDFs. But how can you know what files are editable with Word or not?

Try this short exercise:

  • Open your PDF file with a PDF reader.
  • Hover over some select content – texts preferably. 
  • Is there a text layer?
  • Could you select the texts and copy them?
    • If yes, you can edit that file with Word.
    • If not, the PDF is not editable with Word.

Now, let’s discuss the specifics!

What PDF Can Word Edit?

If your PDF file was “text-converted” (a document converted to PDF), Word can edit it without hassle. However, there might still be a few errors in the final piece.

Either way, you will edit the PDF as intended. And when you’re done, you can save the edited file as either doc or PDF – all for free.

What PDF Can’t Word Edit?

If your PDF files were compilations of scanned items, Word can’t help. You’ll need a well-defined PDF editor for such files.

Talking about PDF editors, not all of them are trustworthy. Some don’t ACTUALLY edit your files but layer them under a new background (whitewashing).

But don’t fret. We have a list of 3 PDF editors you can trust to edit your PDF safely and without limitations.

3 Best Tools For Editing PDFs

Foxit PDF Editor

If you are used to the interface of Word, you might find it hard to let go. You want a tool just as simple to use and direct.

Good news: you can let go; Foxit PDF Editor is just as direct as Word.

This PDF editor is not too colorful, nor is it expensive. Besides, you can enjoy up to 2weeks free trial period before subscribing.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Foxit PDF editor does more than edit PDFs. It can convert, merge, compare and annotate your documents.

Adobe Acrobat

If you fancy colorful tools, Adobe Acrobat is what you seek. Like Foxit, this tool is just as robust. It can edit, combine, compare, and annotate your document.

Furthermore, you can collaborate with other people while editing your PDFs.

However, note that Adobe is more expensive than Foxit.

Nitro PDF Productivity

Unfortunately, Nitro is not as easy to use as Foxit or Adobe. However, it makes up for that by being affordable.

Like Foxit and Adobe, this PDF editor also comes with robust features. Nitro can create new PDFs from scratch, edit, merge, or compare them.


Foxit, Adobe, or Nitro are better at editing PDFs than Microsoft Office. But you don’t have to pick one in haste. Test the three and choose the best fit based on your preferences.

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