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Debian 10.7 available

In the month of September, was launching Debian 10.6 where it focused on the corrections of security problems. It also includes the latest updates to the Linux 4.19 kernel series. One of the fixed problems is the vulnerability discovered in GRUB2. On the other hand, the developers have announced the release of the seventh Debian 10.7 update, which includes various corrections and security fixes.

The seventh update of Debian 10, incorporates numerous corrections of CVE and likewise a number of corrections of memory leaks. In addition to other basic addictions such as enigmail that now adds a migration wizard for Mozilla Thunderbird’s built-in GPS support.

Debian 10.7 is not the most important update of the famous distribution, mother and grandmother of several operating systems. However, just like the release note, for users who are already using Debian 10. They should not worry about receiving all the additions to the update, mostly because they are the ones that have been released in the last few months.

Fixes in Debian 10.7

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

The latest stable update, incorporates several important corrections, for the following packages.

  • base-files: Update for the point reléase.
  • choose-mirror: Update mirror list.
  • dav4tbsync: New upstream release, compatible with newer Thunderbird versions.
  • debian-installer: Use 4.19.0-13 Linux kernel ABI; add grub2 to Built-Using.
  • Dpdk: New upstream stable release; fix remote code execution issue [CVE-2020-14374], TOCTOU issues [CVE-2020-14375], buffer overflow [CVE-2020-14376], buffer over read [CVE-2020-14377] and integer underflow [CVE-2020-14377]; fix armhf build with NEON.
  • linux-signed-amd64: New upstream stable reléase.
  • linux-latest: Update for 4.19.0-13 kernel ABI.
  • Libimobiledevice: Add partial support for iOS 14.
  • node-object-path: Fix prototype pollution in set() [CVE-2020-15256]
  • tor: New upstream stable release; multiple security, usability, portability, and reliability fixes.
  • Systemd: Basic/cap-list: parse/print numerical capabilities; recognise new capabilities from Linux kernel 5.8; networkd: do not generate MAC for bridge device.

Removed packages

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In the seventh update of Debian 10, the following packages were removed due to certain circumstances.

  • Freshplayerplugin: Unsupported by browsers; discontinued upstream.
  • Nostalgy:  Incompatible with newer Thunderbird versions.
  • sieve-extension:  Incompatible with newer Thunderbird versions.

Pass on to know more about the numerous bug fixes in Debian 10.7, check out the release notes.


The latest update of Debian 10, incorporates numerous corrections, with security and new update, in the various packages.

Also for users who are using Debian 10, they should not worry about receiving all the news of the update. Because they are the ones that have been released in the last months, likewise, in the store already installed will appear soon as available.

On the other hand, users who install the updates from security.debian.org, will have even less to update. Because they will have installed all the CVE security updates.


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