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Customize Keyboard Shortcuts on Cinnamon

Cinnamon desktop is one of the finest desktop environments for Linux distros. By default, it’s the part of the Linux Mint distro. However, because of its simplicity, lower resource consumption, and good look, the awesome desktop environment is available on almost all the major Linux distros!

Cinnamon desktop is also well-reputed for being extremely customizable as well. Personally, my favorite part is the keyboard shortcuts, for example, “Ctrl + Alt + T” for the terminal etc. Isn’t the combo suitable for you? Then, how about changing things a bit?

Yes! Cinnamon allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts in a really easy manner. Let’s check out on changing/creating/manipulating the keyboard shorts on Cinnamon!

Cinnamon customization

Available shortcuts

From the menu, type “Keyboard”.

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Open the “Shortcuts” tab.

From the left panel, you can find out all the available categories and sub-categories of the available keyboard shortcuts.

Once you select any category, you’ll find out all the available actions that are available for keyboard shortcuts.

Note that not all the actions have keyboard shortcuts. For example, take a look at the Positioning >> Center window in the screen.

It doesn’t come up with any keyboard shortcut.

For adding a keyboard shortcut, select the action and hit one of the slots in the keyboard bindings.

Now, press all the keys you’d like to assign for the action.

Voila! Now I can set the current window into the center by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + S”!

Custom shortcuts

You can also add custom shortcuts to the system! Hit the “Add custom shortcut” button at the bottom –


Don’t forget to add a shortcut!

Check out the result –

Voila! The keyboard shortcut is set correctly!

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